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February 15, 2012


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Does a Vial of Glucophage come with it?

Jeff Tom

You know I get one of those User Surveys/free drink thingies about once per month, on average. I always assumed those were limited to any drink as long as it was a tall size. So that is all I have ever ordered.

The last few I have redeemed, the baristas have been asking if I want a larger size, or more shots in it.

Is this a change in policy or were these always redeemable for larger sizes?


It's not really a drink, or any kind of reasonable recipe. It's just adding shots, syrup etc for the sake of making the cost outrageously high. Instead of adding Matcha powder for 75 cents, why not just add 10 doses of Matcha powder for $7.50. You could just add stuff until the cup overflows and tot up the price.

I don't consider this a particularly clever feat.


No, Jeff, not really - but you know - Just Say Yes. I think it falls under the category of small things we just don't have time to bother with.

As far as that drink/price goes - the drink sounds awful and with that many shots its like 90% shots.

That being said, is that the most expensive drink? I guess, unless you got the same thing, and added another shot. Or two. Or three. Or four. etc etc. You could just keep adding shots until only half the drink actually fits in the cup, but really, whats the point?

Hell, add on a donation to the cup fund for $9,999 to make it the most expensive thing at sbux!


This drink cannot be rung up though. You cannot ring in a trenta frap. So fail.


How did he get free CD syrup?


And isn't there a max amount of shots that are allowed in one beverage? I seem to remember being told max 7 or 8 shots in one single drink. I was never sure of the actual policy, though.


We had people pull this kind of stuff with the last treat receipt promo. I talk people out of adding more then 2 shots to fraps, due to the fact the drink will just be soupy crap. And as far as I remember, the policy was "just say NO" to putting anything besides ice coffee or iced tea into trentas.


It wasn't a trenta anything; it was a venti drink in a trenta cup. Baristas would regularly pour my grande Frappuccinos into a venti cup when they were made overlarge through double-blending.

Did he get that free CD syrup because he's a registered card holder? I think you get one shot free (though why it's not the caramel syrup shot listed first is beyond me).

In any case, it's gross, and obviously made huge and pricey because he would be getting it for free. I bet this guy makes ghetto lattes.

Coffee Soldier

In my area we are allowed to just say no on 2 request..nothing but ice tea or ice coffee goes into a Trenta cup and up until last week we could just say no to taking customers in drive thru wanting to pay with the app but now we have the cordless scanner gun so we can reach it out the window!


CD is free because once you pay for one syrup you get as much of any and all syrups that you would like!


definitely NOTHING in a trenta cup except iced tea or iced coffee. bet now he wishes he didnt waste this "free" drink on something nasty!!


We Just Say Yes to Trenta whatever. I like how my DM put it - why turn away money. If they want something we can make, let them know we aren't supposed to use this cup normally but we will for them this time.


We are going to get the Trenta in March and I am really concerned about the customers that will be angry when we say "just iced coffee or tea" in the cups. Have stores been having a big issue with this?


not really Guat. Most customers don't mind.

In my district we actually do other drinks in the Trenta cup when people really want them, but thats probably 1 drink a month that way.


You turn away money when your own decision making does not align with the brand image the company at large wishes to project. The media is not past taking these one offs and attributing to the rest of the company. Just like World News Now's story this morning about the $23.60 Trenta Java Chip. Would your DM like the responsibility for a story like this attributed to them?


The most expensive beverage Starbucks has ever featured (without customization) was a Venti Chantico. Additionally, prices vary by market with few CO stores in areas like Vail, Co being the most expensive markets. Currently, the most expensive beverage available (again, without customization) is the Java Chip Frappuccino, but as others have pointed out, adding shots until you reach capacity will always juice up your tab.


Putting aside the fact that the $23.60 drink doesn't make sense (too much volume + you are only allowed to have iced coffee or tea in a trenta), the actual most expensive starbucks drink was documented about three months ago.

It cost $26.80 and actually was legit. See below.



it's my DM's choice to do what he wants to do, in regards to the Trenta cups. Far be it for me to argue with the person who could fire me for refusing to do my job how he wants me to do it - on a once a month sale (if that).

Company policy is Just Say Yes. So, Trenta Java Chip? Sure, i'll do it for you this time, but just so you know we aren't supposed to normally blah blah blah thank you for your money.


How much was the tip?


who cares


so anon, how do you measure out a "trenta" java chip? there are only two lines on the cup, not 3. do you really make 2 grandes and put it in the trenta cup? so, if you are making 2 grandes, do you charge for 2 grandes? there is no way to charge for a trenta. so your whole like of "why turn away more money" is bull crap unless you are actually charging for two drinks instead of one. because if you are only charging a venti but giving 2 grandes then you are actually losing money...


whole *line*, not "like"...


@anon is going to get the shock of their life when they get to the real world where the rules actually apply. They could and should get fired for filling those orders.


We just say "no" to anything in a trenta except iced tea or iced coffee. We also just say "no" to refills on coffees or teas that were not purchased in our store.


Bella: Bravo.


not to be a party popper - but - WHO THE HELL ORDERS 16 SHOTS...REALLY?!?

Clearly the receipt was just for show as how things can quickly add up in regards to 'additives'.

But in real life, if you've received a free drink coupon - you're a gold card member. And thus 'additives' are free...so really you wouldn't have to foot the bill for those 16 shots and ridiculous syrup additions.

- I'm just saying' :)


Starbucts is mass market crap. Good quality coffee does not need any added sugar or sweetened syrops. This drink looks disgusting. Espresso with steamed/frothed milk is the only two indregients needed. Italians laugh at Starbucks.


I do not believe that a dm can make up rules whenever he wants..it is absolute no to anything other than tea and ic in trenta cups..the beverage would not be consistant there is no recipe

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