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February 25, 2012


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A doppio Espresso Macchiatto is is the foam over the shots, not the other way around. Just sayin'.


As a barista of 9 years I can tell u those drinks are not impressive, they're annoying. The most impressive drink is any drink ordered off the menu, unmodified. Also "dirty chais" aren't a thing, hate when people order those, I tell them I don't know what it is.


Also, a Grande chai would already come with 4 pumps of chai. Why would the customer/barista need to state that?

Jeff Tom

OK. I have been coming here a long time.

Without doubt, this is the DUMBEST leadin I have ever read here.


Extra hot soy isn't complex, it's burned.


I like grande, 4 pump vanilla, 2% milk, little bit of foam on top, dirty lattes personally. Oh, that's exactly how they come? Well, I like to be impressive.


Who is impressed by these orders? The reaction is usually that the person is high maintenance.

Black Apron Shift Supervisor

Anyone else seen a rise of the "Starbucks' Secret Drinks" - or is it just me?

I've got some chick coming through my drive-thru who appeared right after the media "released" the list. (sigh) And she always orders it "without whip."

And I tell her, every single day, "Marble Mocha Macchiatos don't come with whip."

And she always replies, "Well, sometimes people put it on there."

Who are the morons adding whip?!

PS: how in the world is a 4-year SBUX veteran mislabeling those beverages? Decaf/size first, shots, flavor, dairy, miscellaneous, then beverage title!

Pike is here to stay

Because the MMM, as descussed earlier in the week, has not been a drink new partners are trained on since early 2007. 95% of baristas have turned over since then.

Similar things can be said about Double Shots on Ice or Toffee Nut Latte (doesn't it come with no whip by default?), Toffee Mocha, etc.

By the way, watch your skinny mochas ordering plummet come March 6th when the drink is not highlighted on the menu any more

Pike is here to stay


I don't want anyone to think I can't spell -- I did predict that Pike is here to stay after all..


Clarification regarding Registered Card rewards: My mom was heading off to Starbucks to get a pound of coffee so I gave her my Starbucks card so we could get the 'free tall drink' reward. At the register she was told that the 'free tall drink' only applied to brewed coffee. Apparently the person on the register even double checked with the manager on duty.

It was my understanding that you could get *any* free tall drink (the official website states "you can get a free 12 fl oz beverage at the same time, on the house" when purchasing 1 lb of coffee). Did policy change, am I misinterpreting the rules or does this store not know what they are talking about? This happened in Canada, if that matters. Thx


I don't know about Canada but the policy hasn't changed. You get a tall beverage of your choice with the purchase of a lb of beans. You need to use a starbucks card at the green level.
If you find yourself with one of these dumbells who do not know the policy, have them ring up your beans and your tall beverages. The registers are smarter then them. It knows the policy and it will automatically take off your drink.


Soy? Gross! Breve all the way, unless I'm drinking straight coffee and then it's heavy cream time.

James Connolly

Any Starbucks worker that is impressed by what a customer orders should probably contact the EAP as soon as possible because they are probably undergoing a break from reality.


@osgood9...I have to disagree. A Doppio Espresso Macchiatto is shots over foam. Just like the Caramel Macchiatto, you are marking the foam with shots.


@Black Apron...I know exactly how you feel! And it's the same with so many drinks ppl order w/o whip that don't come with it in the first place. I think a lot of ppl mistake creamy foam for whip, that's my theory anyway.


Question..What exactly is Breve? Cream or half and half or the same thing. The post above confused me as I tought breve was cream for Starbucks drinks. I'm just a customer, so I like to educated myself ;0)

Oh, and with the double shot on ice....aren't they suppose to shake only the shots and classic with the ice and then pour the milk over that into the cup? Thanks guys

Account Deleted

I'm a customer and I can say, whatever the reason, I feel the need to always specify whether or not I want whip on a drink (besides obvious drip) regardless of what the drink would normally come with.

Before I started doing this I experienced too many times ordering a mocha and it not having whip.


@Andrew - Check your beverage recipe cards. Shots first "Marked" with foam. Just looked at the cards about 4 hours ago.

The caramel Macchiatto is "backwards" or vice versa.

It's Howard's favorite beverage too if you want a bit of trivia.


Who is trying to impress who now? No these are not that complicated, nor worded correctly, the least of which a chai is never called as dirty.
And yes by Starbuck's standards, shots are first in a EM. It's not the right way, just starbuck's way.


Breve refers to half and half.


Can I have a:

2.5 pump mocha
1 pump vanilla
With Whip
No Drizzle
191 degree
Hot Chocolate
With a sticker on the lid
for Kelly


@Sheik: No, go away! :)


@shiek I've seen you post on here before. You'd think you could properly call a drink.


@toby - Thanks for the confirmation.


You know what impresses me... just order coffee... black... french pressed... period.


@Sheik: come into my store and order that and you are getting charged for a mocha add vanilla.


Oh, but remember, this is what makes us stand out above our competitors, McDs and DD....we just say yes with a smile to whatever they order.......but wouldn't it be boring if customers didn't order "specialty" drinks?....what would we talk about on here?


*sigh* Love that partners know their job so well. NOT. http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/ideaview?id=08750000000HxcIAAS How long has repeatable routine been in practice? This isn't new!


"And yes by Starbuck's standards, shots are first in a EM. It's not the right way, just starbuck's way."

This is not just Starbucks way. Google espresso macchiato and you will find espresso first topped with foam. I have been working coffee for over 15 years and every shop I have worked in has made them this way.


wanna impress me when you order a drink? make sure you tell me what size, and if you wanted it cold.


In Massachusetts, a cop shot another cop at a Starbucks in Beverly on Friday night and then fled and killed himself. I am very interested in hearing what the partners were required to do.

What are our procedures following gunfire?

That Guy

@NewCakePopSucks The Starbucks policy regarding gunfire in store is to skip that customer who obviously isnt ready to order and call down the line and get the next drinks started....

What do you think the policy would be?

Amazing Grace

First off. If you order a drink that is not on the menu, or a flavoring (French Vanilla comes to mind) all I am going to do is give you the blank stare of death plus do awful things to your order and make you feel like a moron...These kind of customers drive me crazy. They don't work at SBUX, they don't have insider information, they don't really know squat. And until SBUX starts compensating us to be doormats as well as indentured servant to Howard--I am going to continue.


@Amazing Grace: Clearly you have control issues. They have meds for that.


@amazinggrace I think you need a new job. Maybe flipping burgers would suit you better.


lol, thatguy, +1
Also seconding the notion that the most impressive drinks are ones that come with a size specification, hot/iced/blended, and none of the dirty/black eye/red eye/blue eye/purple eye/ irish cream/captain crunch/grasshopper nonsense etc..etc..


What are our procedures following gunfire?

Duck and then go home and change your underwear.


Why do so many partners think recipe cards call for making drinks with sauces extra hot? They don't. If a customer does not ask for it-don't do it. They will only be pissed off. Get your info straight!


Policy regarding gunfire? Make sure the partners and customers are safe and call 911. What more do you really need to ask?

Oh, fill out an incident report and call it in.



BFD, That was priceless.


I just got a Double Chocolate chip frap WITHOUT the drizzle. Happens 50% of the time. Reaffirms why customers, and now me, feel like they need to specify things that are SUPPOSED to be there in the first place.


I'm a shift at a store in NJ. Our new regional director has decided we should be wearing hats. It's not required by law locally or statewise (the research has been done, phone calls made to verify this). Our DM isn't happy about it and neither are our SMs. We feel it cheapens our look and seriously hampers our ability to connect with customers. Many of us (who aren't 20 years old and look cute in baseball caps) are uncomfortable in them because we NEVER wear hats EVER. My question is: Can we be forced to wear a hat when it's not required by law and the partner guide states we're "permitted to wear them only when required by state or local laws". As of now, we're being told we have to wear them or we're getting written up. Has anyone had this problem?


Do you value your job? Start hunting. Seriously, this does not hamper you from connecting with customers. What kind of diva are you?


My whole district has been wearing hats for years. You can also choose a visor rather than a cap at Starbuckscoffeegear.com :)


Hey there flippingmylid, NJ's best barista here. Here's some relevant information for you: http://nj.gov/health/eoh/documents/chapter24_effective_1207.pdf
page 13. Pretty small thing to be upset about honestly, it's not like aprons are exactly fashionable either. I NEVER wear one EVER, except at work.


I hate the hat. We by law must wear them. The room is already kind of on the dark side and the hate makes day time seem like night time. Having said that... one day the air conditioning broke on a 100 degree day and we all took off our hats because sweat pouring into a drink is so unsanitary. Two hours later, a woman received her frappuccino with a hair in it. "Everybody, put your hats back on."


Sorry forgot who asked but sb double shot on ice
Shots and pumps
Tall 2; grande 3; venti 5
Shake with ice
Pour in a cup and top off with your choice of milks
I make tended at home all the time. Awesome with vanilla syrup instead of classic.


@Stan YES. THAT.

I don't know why, but I have to ask probably 85% of customers "What size?".

When I was a newer Barista I made a little sign saying "What Size" by the register so I could just point at it every time a customer ordered.


As far as the hat thing goes - you're not going to win. Lots of people in the company HAVE to wear hats, its not that big a deal, many people do it without a problem. Certain stores in Hollywood HAVE to wear ties (I think on weekends or some such?) and that's just what the decided dress code is for them.

I would hate to have to wear a hat, because I don't like wearing hats, but if I have to wear a hat I can either quit or wear a hat.


I am also a former sign-maker.

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