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February 18, 2012


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Unless a customer is buying a Trenta in order to split with a friend, this size is offensive to the idea of limiting consumption in order to preserve the environments.

Americans are horrible overconsumers, and Starbucks should not be encouraging this behaviour.

After School Rush Barista

From the perspective of the barista who will end up making this drink in about a month: why should this matter? I'm just happy it isn't as wasteful as some hot drinks - like steaming just an inch of milk for a customer, making a short or kids drink, or steaming multiple pitchers for a super-dry cappuccino.


Having been a Starbucks customer since 1995, I've seen and continue to see plenty of waste, but that's not what I was referring to.

I was referring to the idea of encouraging customers to consume LESS, not MORE, even if it decreases profits.

Licensed Storista

No and No. It's ridiculous, and 90% of the people who would want a trenta frappuccino want whipped cream. (i mean who takes an 800 calorie dose of something and says, "oh no whipped cream for me i'm watching my cholesterol")

You can't even drink them that quickly. I've never drunk a venti frappuccino that's stayed consistent through consumption it always separates before i'm down to the last 8 ounces. I can't imagine why someone would want a trenta sized.

That's not to say i haven't had people that want frappuccinos unblended. My main point is just that you can't get whipped cream/toppings on a trenta without making it short of the 31ounce line, so what's the purpose?


Sorry, winterene, but unlike you our shit stinks.

Jeff Tom


Let me ask a question. Do you have children or plan to? If so, YOU ARE A SELFISH GREEDY INCONSIDERATE INDIVIDUAL. THe amount of resource that will be consumed to raise that child and the damage that they and any future descendants of your offspring will cause additional exponential damage to the planet and the environment.

Stop being such a d-bag and being concerned about what others are doing. You should be looking at yourself.


Luckily my DM is pretty solid about the no trenta frappuccino thing. I've only heard of it happening a couple times in my area.
I've had to tell a few people no so far, and the line I use is 'We don't have domed lids for the trenta cups. If you want whipped cream I'll have to cut back the amount of drink in your cup, and by that point you'll just be getting a venti anyway, so why not just get a venti to begin with?'
Fortunately, neither of the individuals could conceive of a whipless frappuccino.

Jeff Tom

Or, just add a small sign on the board stating that the size is ONLY for non-blended drinks....


How would I charge for a trenta frappucino anyway? Do I charge extra milk and syrup?


You can't serve something you don't have a recipe for. End of discussion.


Anything that isn't iced coffee or iced tea in a Trenta cup is a big 'ol NO from my DM. He's willing to take phone calls from any complainers, but we've yet to have anyone ask at my store.



technically there is no official recipe for drinks such as the 'starbucks double shot', 'black and white mocha', etc.


there is no way to ring up a trenta ANYTHING other than an iced coffee or iced tea. i had someone try to order a trenta white mocha frappuccino and swear she always orders it "at the other store". i just told her there was no way to ring it up but i would gladly make her a venti (and no, not put it in a trenta cup). starbucks specifies what goes in trenta cups... which even means no trenta waters for customers either.

@generic, there is a way to ring those drinks up. there is no way to ring in "in a trenta cup" into the system. which tells me there is no way to make it either. at a dt if it doesnt get rung up (and say it on the sticker), they will not be getting it in their cup.

no, no, no, no, nooooooo to trenta blended or espresso drinks!


yeah, no. if anyone tries to order anything in a trenta other than iced tea or coffee, we just tell them that the largest size for that is a venti. we've had the trenta since it was first launched (as a test market), and i've never had a problem saying that in any store i've worked at.


I've heard that "no Trenta water" before, '...' You CAN ring that up, so Trenta waters are fine.


Hmm could of swore I posted another comment, and yet it has vanished.

Just to be clear - we aren't a rogue store.

It's our entire District that follows this policy of Just Say Yes in regards to the *very rare* Trenta - something other then a tea/iced coffee - demand.

@Patti - yeah if they want something Trenta you get creative with the custom buttons, for example extra frap roast for a trenta or add dairy, etc.

The cup is just a cup, I really don't see what the big deal is if someone wants water in a Trenta or they want there 3 shot venti coffee frappuccino in a Trenta cup so they don't lose any coffee.

I drop enough random cups a day, giving a Trenta water out isn't going to destroy my inventory.


@btown you are absolutely right in regards to letting them know that we technically only can do that drink in a Venti size. I almost never have an issue, after that point.

For the rare few people who really demand a Trenta cup, I just say yes.

Jeff Tom

So, anon, what you are saying is that YOU cannot follow documented, dictated CORPORATE policy, and are going to enable a sub-class of customers who think they have access to a drink that is NOT AUTHORIZED, and will make like difficult for baristas in other stores?

Do I have that straight?


Here in Canada we don't have the trenta size, but say for water, we only give out talls in my district. If they want more they can get a refill, or buy the bottled water we sell. Giving away a venti water is taking away from the sale of bottled water.


No Jeff Tom, I am doing what my DM tells me to do.

So is the rest of my district.


For those who don't know, a DM (District Manager) is a person who can fire ME (Barista) for not doing my job the way he expects me to. I don't get paid enough to argue with him, or with customers.

In fact, I get paid to NOT argue with customers.


The black and white mocha isn't on the menu, that's why there's no official recipe. The Starbucks Double Shot WAS on the menu, and we most certainly had a recipe for it.


I have never had anyone ask me for a Trenta frappuccino...


1. 'black and white mochas' *were* on our menus as 'marble mocha machiattos' and we can make it accordingly, the name 'black and white mocha' came after we discontinued it and customers still wanted it.
2. the official policy according to an action item sent to all (canadian?) stores was to just say yes to Trenta frappuccinos and charge as two grandes. as you all know action items are rarely catalogued, so who knows if policy changed, but this was and as far as I know still is policy. Remember, district manager policy is NEVER corporate policy. The only way you can dictate corporate policy (whether your DM has specified this or not) is by referencing a company-wide memo; DMs have some control over their district but not total control.


Aren't there Trenta sizes at McDonald's? I don't really see what all this fuss is about, if customers want Trenta sizes than let them do so.. it's their problem as long as they pay for it. I don't think it would change much to the environment unless these szes aren't recyclable which I think they are and about the drink itself...well if they throw it away too bad !


First, just say yes is a philosophy NOT a policy. It is never an excuse to disregard an established company policy. Would you just say yes to a request that put your safety at risk?

Second, just because you don't understand why it's a big deal does not mean that it is not a big deal. "Getting creative with the custom buttons," sounds a lot like a terminate offense as well, so pick you poison.


When was Marble Mocha Macchiato discontinued? I work at a Barnes & Noble cafe and we have both a button for it, as well as it being on our price poster...


Some idiots think the rules don't apply to them. That usually bites them in the ass. This will too. Idiots.


@Jeff Tom exactly. Exactly.


@Chicagoshift : wrong. The marble mocha was indeed on the menu. New hire much?


@Spork any other items to pull out of your butt? That action item never was sent out. You are full of it.


Actually, I'm a 6 year partner. If that means new hire to you, then I guess so. Since I've worked for sbux, the marble mocha has never been on a menu at my location. My most humble and sarcastic apologies.


Lol at all the people jumping down anon's throat. Butbut company policy! This is a job, it's not the military. I see where anon is coming from. If my boss tells me to do something then I'm doing it. Corporate isn't my boss, they're not the ones supervising me or holding decision over my employment. That's what they're paying the DM to do. What do you expect anon to do, blatantly disregard specific directions from his DM and then just say "butbut corporate says!..." Are you people going to pay his rent and bills when that crap gets him fired?


@chicagoshift poor work on your part to not realize the marble mocha macchaito is a menu item. Saying it never was makes you look unknowledgeable. I'm sure you don't know how to make it either. Shameful.


Black and White mochas are not Marble Mocha Macchiatos. Completely different. Anyway.
Trenta is for iced tea and iced coffee only. The literature/manuals & policy says so, and "just say yes" does not always apply, especially in this case where customers are intending to abuse that policy. Besides as was said befor, there is no recipe! So how would you make it? DMs, RDs and RVPs will back you up.
I've had a customer ask me for a venti black iced tea and a "refill" in a second cup. I said no. I've had a customer complain to me as she is ordering, that caramel sauce isn't charged for when you order a Cinnamon Dolce Latte; and that I can't steam, pour and then Re-steam the milk for the same drink. I said no.
Don't let yourself get taken advantage of. We have rules as a company. Look in your Store Operations Manual. Look in your Partner Guide There are items in that book that specifically state what can not happen.
Case in Point: A customer comes in with a ziplock of Thin Mint cookies that they want you to add to their frappucino. No. Why? Because we do not control the item that they are asking us to add as an ingredient to their beverage, we run the risk of contaminating our equipment and potentially making someone else sick. What if those cookies are tainted with Norovirus? This is a case where "Just Say Yes" does NOT apply.
Trenta size Java Chip frappucino? "Sorry Sir/Ma'am, we have no recipe and no way to ring that up on my register, but I will gladly make you a venti size."


Thank you osgood! This whole thread is ridiculous. Just say no!


Osgood got it. Marble mocha machiatto is on the menu, black and white mocha is not and is just a made up common drink. Shameful? Get over yourself


I was hired in 2007 and I don't remember seeing the marble mocha macchiato on the menu. I was told second-hand how to make it and have never even seen a company recipe card for it. I was told it was mostly popular on the east coast and in the south, while I was working in SoCal at the time so that might account for it. Moreover, just because someone is possibly a newer partner doesn't mean you have to verbally abuse them. Starbucks embraces diversity. LAWYERED.


If I could lock up this thread I would :)
Happy Presidents Day!


Oh and to clear it up, The Marble Mocha Macchiato was a Winter (2?) offering in 2005/2006 By the time Spring rolled around in 2006 it was off the menu.

Starbucks Doubleshots are the same way. they were on the menu (Summer 2007), there is no recipe for it anymore, and people still ask for it. Just make sure you're ringing it ala carte...5 shot iced venti americano, add classic...

Ok I digress. Bye!


there is no Trenta size in Canada-so no action item went out for Canadian direction. What is the big issue here? Stick to the beverage rules and recipes as Starbucks made them. Look at our smoothies-grande only. get over it people.


I've had a few requests for the Trenta Frappuccinos. I just tell them that the only way to ring it up is to ring up two Grande Frappuccinos.
I'm sad to report that this did not stop the customers from ordering or paying for this drink.
Hey, if they want to throw nearly ten dollars my way, they are more than welcome to.


Usually, I'm totally for "Just Say Yes" as a policy when it comes to making customers happy. In this case however saying yes encourages customers to move around to other stores asking for similar treatment, causing ire for Barista's all over the place. Making these Trenta size drinks cause confusion on the line, slowing service and adding unneeded stress. DM's don't always make the correct decisions.


Trenta is actually in Canada. It's just not most places. It's being test marketed. A black and white mocha is assumed to mean a marble mocha mochiatto. We always ask :so this is what you want? Or do you want it like a marble hot chocolate (possibly where it came from) with whipped cream?


@NCshift You got it. That is why it's ok to just say no sometimes. I get a feeling that these partners would hand over the store and walk away if a customer asked to work for them because it's easier to just say yes than to use their head.


Nope! We tell customers that Trenta can only be rung up for Iced Coffee/Teas. That doesn't mean we won't make someone a Trenta ice water or we have a customer who likes a Iced Venti Cinnamon Dolce w/ tons of extra ice (no whip), so we sometimes just pour the Venti liquid ingredients in a trenta cup and fill it with ice.

Like someone else mentioned, I love it when customers ask for this or something else crazy and when you tell them no they say "I get it at (insert store here) all the time!" LMAO That may be the case, but I just tell them well I don't know how they're making it cause there is no recipe or how their ringing you up cause there's no way to charge for that....so no.


How do you make a trenta frappuccino considering the measuring lines aren't provided to provide a consistent "high quality beverage experience"???.....obviously that wasn't the concern with the $23.60 drink (which only comes out to $21 and change BTW or less with a rewards card)
But there isn't even an option to charge a trenta frappuccino on the register system!!!! Breaking company rules only creates heart-ache for the baristas trying to produce quality (which is a company standard) On behalf of all the baristas out there "Please be reasonable if u want something that still tastes great!" Believe me---- We know what will taste good, cuz we've tried it all :)


@ Andrew:
"so we sometimes just pour the Venti liquid ingredients in a trenta cup and fill it with ice. "

...And /what/ do you do with that Venti cup once you pour the ingredients into the Trenta cup? That's right, throw it away...

*shakes head* SUCH a waste of plastic... This equals more trash... Ugh.


According to the communications log at my store, the trenta size will only be used for iced teas and iced coffees. The log strictly said that we will never be offering espresso beverages, frappuccinos, or brewed coffee in that size. I believe it is a good idea to limit it to those beverages because, due to the large amounts of ice in the beverages I listed above, the customer is actually paying for the ice and not for the coffee he is lacking when compared to a hot espresso drink or tea.


"Starbucks Doubleshots are the same way. they were on the menu (Summer 2007), there is no recipe for it anymore, and people still ask for it. Just make sure you're ringing it ala carte...5 shot iced venti americano, add classic..."

Actually the action item that came out regarding how to ring up the SD once the button was taken off the register, said to ring up the Venti as just an Iced Venti Americano add classic(whether they had it sweetened or not, you added classic). You are not supposed to add the 5th shot to the price. This drink has been the biggest headache when charging customers.

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