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March 21, 2012


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I fail to see how that would be an embarrassing drink order.


Personally, my drink is such a pain to make and takes waaaayyyy to long to call out that I wouldn't have the guts to order it. (Thank Goodness I work at Starbucks where I can make it.)

Licensed Storista

Venti 5 shot, 2-pump toffee nut, skim, no whip, extra foam, extra hot, 2-pump mocha. And an Iced Venti 5 shot 2 pump toffee nut, skim, no whip, 2-pump mocha. For the lovely lady. Thank you, have a good day.

Yeah. I feel like a complete tool when I have to call that sh** out.


I guess a Man would be embarrassed to order a pink drink.

Just like Men are embarrassed to drink a Diet beverage (that's why they have Coke 'Zero' and Dr Pepper '10' and Sprite '10) ... since Zero and 10 are much more manly than Diet drinks...


At a shopping plaza I used to work at, one of the security guards (also an old high school friend of mine), would order a Venti Strawberry Cream Frappuccino. I let him know that any sense of Intimidation/ Authority, would be gone while carrying the Big Pink Icee. He chuckled.


Is it supposed to be manlier if your fat and sugar comes in a different color?


If they find their drinks so embarrassing, then they shouldn't order them.


Off topic but they made a hand job training devi-----i mean piece of exercise equipment called the Shake Weight and marketed it towards Women.

Of course, they changed the color/packaging from light blue/pink to steel/black and marketed it towards men. Yea, ugh, GRUNT, manly colors help me give better... I mean help me gain muscle... GRUNT!!!


I do have a semi-regular customer with an exceedingly long and specific drink order who, while flushing with embarrassment, cuts me off if I attempt to call out her beverage.


When is Starbucks getting Stevia?


"Venti Iced Soy Matcha Green Tea Latte: No Ice, One Banana, 16 scoops Matcha, 16 scoops Choc Chip, Double Blended, With Whip, Mocha Drizzle and Choc Curls.". I order this every time I get a free drink coupon. :-) Healthier than the 16-shot espresso soy mocha lattes I used to get...


"Tall skinny blonde (latte) - extra hot"

Sounds good to me.


I have worked at a few different stores in Arizona. At one of the stores I was at a couple of years ago, Senator John McCain came in with his two body guards. The Senator ordered a hot white mocha but it did tickle us a bit when his two big body guards both ordered Venti Strawberries & Cream frappuccinos :)


Someone comes through my drive thru every day getting a 195 degree soy latte, 5 scoops of matcha powder, two pumps toffee nut. Well, the problem is at about 185 degrees, the soy starts boiling over so I have to stop it. They told me it was not hot enough and I remade it at about 187 degrees and it was "perfect".

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