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March 20, 2012


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Its probably just the dry air in the building. Sleep with a humidifer by ur bed and it should clear up. just a new environment.


you may be allergic the the high quality coffee that Sbux uses


Almost every Starbucks I've ever worked in has had extremely dry air. I've seen quite a few partners (myself included) get nosebleeds. As ChristinaB suggested, sleep with a humidifier and drink plenty of water while you are at work!

Coffee Drinker

What chemicals are used for cleaning? Have pesticides been applied recently?

To me what you describe is like what I used to get traveling in Europe where smoking was allowed in restaurants and school. My lungs had the green, and I'd have a cough at night. The body has ways of getting rid of what it doesn't like.

Or it could be a reaction to drinking a different coffee. Some blends give me sneezes and a runny nose after a few sips (not that that stops me.)

Also it's Spring time; some folks where I live are reacting to pollen.

Take care.


LOL @ Gifty!


@ Gifty: Or Pike Place...


Yes, I have had a cold before.


I seriously hope you are kidding. Barista's cough? Seriously? Been sniffing matcha or what?

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