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March 22, 2012


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Beany Spice



Yes, we brew only Pike Place now. But keep in mind that "drip" is not as popular in UK as it is in US. In my store we barely sell filter coffee. Sometimes I wonder why we keep it in our offer at all. I will not lie if I say that 90% of the coffee from the brewer is going to be dumped in the sink at the end of the hour. In my previous store "drip" used to be slightly more popular but honestly, I had more customers asking for some funny American Starbucks drinks that we don't have in our offer here in UK (e.g. green tea frapp) than customers who would be specific about which one filter coffee (s)he wants. For me, anything that comes from Colombia Shuttle tastes like piss, no matter what kind of beans were ground for it.

partner, Starbucks Germany

Sounds true...but isn't it that customers can still order French Press? but not really for people on a hurry. So customers are left with the choice to take Pike instead...


yes, the size of grind is the same. Get the best you can afford with the stgenrth of roast you like. Never get vacuum packed stuff, it sucks the volatile oils out of the coffee


Dear Minx- I do agree with you on the breakfast menu. I have come to get soeilpd on the sandwiches. Yours is also my favorite,although I have tried them all. I realize their sellers of coffee,but they have me hooked on those tasty morsels. I was very disappointed to hear they were going to discontinue them. I'm not a coffee drinker,but I do like a latte once in a while. My favorite item is the Passion shaken ice tea. So refreshing!

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