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March 21, 2012


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I bought these at a SE Michigan Target a couple of weeks ago. I tried both Raspberry Pomegranate and Orange Melon; they're tasty.


I tried the Raspberry Pomegranate one from Wal-Mart a week ago. Was pretty good, but I didn't like the price point. $5.00 for a can. But I'm certainly cheaper than the general population. I'm sure they'll sell well at stores.


I just bought a bunch at Winco. They had taped $1.00 coupons on them so they were only $.48 each. I bought 6. My favorite so far is the strawberry lemonade. I have yet to try the Raspberry Pomegranate. They are all very good!


I tried the Pomegranate and didn't like it. I could taste the artificial sweetener, and it did nothing to wake me up - a regular cup of iced tea probably would have given me more energy.


Maybe I'm old school, but I only like my energy from coffee. :D


Can someone post the ingredients off the can?
Bonus: anyone know about finding this in Canada?
Might have to break my boycott of evil Wal-Mart just to try these refreshers!
For years I've talked to baristas of my dream: sprouting green coffee beans, then juicing coffee sprouts!
Caffeinated Coffee Grass Juice!
Wheat Grass Juice, watch out!
How about Coffee Sprouts in your salad?
Oh, the possibilities...


I purchased the strawberry lemonade, I was very disappointed. I'm sensitive to artificial sweeteners and even though I heard these don't have any, I swear I can taste it. I couldn't even get half way through it before tossing it in the garbage and that artificial taste stayed in my mouth for a good hour....yuck. With that said I'm still very interested in the green coffee extract, I'm going to stick with supplements instead.

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