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March 03, 2012


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Starbucksgossip.com Webmaster

A student at Columbia Journalism School is writing a story on tip boxes and asked about SBUX tip boxes. Have they been used from the start? Any long timers care to help her? I'll tell her to watch here for replies.


I thought I read somewhere that tip jars weren't around, at first. Then someone put one out and it became popular?

Sorry, no sources.


Hi there..not sure if this helps..but I worked there for 7 yrs and we always had tip jars. We could never write "tips"on it..we could only put out a plain container and if people wanted to tip they could.

Just A Barista

FWIW, I have worked for Starbucks since the late 90's and we have always had a tip jar in our cafe.


Yet another thread degenerating into a discussion about tips. Why is it always money, money, money? What happened to great service and wonderful coffee at the third place?

Could it be too much sugar in those coffee confections?


Herman telling it like it is!!!


Re: Refreshers.

I know there's been talk of these being launched across the country as drinks in stores, but I actually found them in my local grocery store the other day:


They're being marketed as energy drinks.


This is a good move, I wish they would do it in the US. Starbucks espresso drinks are way to weak, especially for the price you're paying. Usually a cappuccino is ~1/3 coffee, SBux is 1/12 coffee for the tall size.


@Herman Thats because it's All about the money, do you think any partner would work for Sbux for free? Going in just to give great customer service and not get paid, we do have bills to pay. I love money!


"Usually a cappuccino is ~1/3 coffee"

No! The amount of coffee in capp. is exactly the same as in Latte. Cappuccino differs from Latte by frothy milk not by less coffee. Properly made capp. after few minutes of standing will separate to half froth half milk with espresso shot dissolved in it. I am really sick of people buying something they have no idea what is it and coming to the bar complaining, first because they bought capp. thinking probably about latte, and second because they cannot articulate their problem - "there is no coffee in my drink" - NO! There is coffee in your drink, what you want to say is most likely "there is not enough milk in my drink" or "my drink is too frothy". I have a solution for you guys - next time order latte.


I always order extra shots in my lattes. I usually get a double tall or a quad grande.



I believe he's speaking about a "traditional cappuccino", in which case he's absolutely right. 5-6 oz drink, 2 oz espresso, 4 oz milk/foam

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