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March 08, 2012


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The Moar You Know

Haven't set foot in a Starbucks since I got my Nespresso machine back in 2010. It beats the RoboBarista hands down for shot quality, and for that matter the foamer makes far better foam than most of the inexperienced baristas I've run across.

Want the customers back, SBUX? Can the robot espresso machines (we lost ours in 2003 a couple of months before I left) get the old manual machines back in and train people how to use them PROPERLY.

Or you can do what you're doing, make the stores redundant. Probably a better move for profitability anyhow.


Want the customers back, SBUX?

Huh? Did the customers leave?

barista ben

i seem to have plenty of customers, thank you!

Jeff Tom

no shit. starbucks foot traffic is higher than ever. as are revenues. and profits. i think all of the plastic in your product has gone to your head.


I hope they get these in the Starbucks stores soon. We are trying to meet whole bean goals and every other customer I talk to says "no thanks, I have a Keurig"
They could save lots of money by buying whole bean and using the reusable cups, but nobody likes them because they don't work well. There are other reusable cups that are much better that can be bought online but getting set up isn't worth the trouble to most customers.


"foamer" yea. You and your foamer are having a little too much fun I think. Those machine may foam milk, but they sure as heck don't froth it, which makes a huge difference in taste. Starbucks stocks have done nothing but climb in the last several years. Customers abound. Lame comment all around.


For me this a good news because I am coffee lover specially from Starbucks. At least if i have the machine i can try to do my own coffee same taste with Starbucks blend.


Starbucks coffee is the famous in terms of coffee i believe up to now no one can match to this brand, announcing the single coffee maker machine is consider a big news to all Starbucks coffee fanatics, and to all those share holders it is a good news too, because the market of Starbucks surely goes up.


@the moar you know.... well, whoever taught you did a bad job when they told you the steam wand was called a foamer. Which, frother, while still wrong, would even be better. I despise when people say, "no froth please." Froth just sounds gross to me.

@frapatte... yes, in droves. And as a result, we stopped learning and started leaning everything, and it's why store still have too few staff.

As for the machine, yuck. Pods with powdered milk and instant coffee just aren't my thing. The product is essentially via lattes... think the iced coffee via that had the sweetner and powdered milk in it... and how awful that was.

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