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April 29, 2012


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Thank goodness someone posted this. There is no secret menu. Seriously. If someone orders something off of this "secret menu" I tell them I have no effing clue what they are talking about (In much nicer words). I ask them if they know what is in it. If they don't know then I don't make it.


The idea that the "secret menu" image that's making its way around facebook etc. is an actual published-yet-secret menu is so great. (My favorite part is that it spells "frappuccino" in two or three different, incorrect ways.)


My favorite is that "latte," "cappuccino," "caffè misto" and related are all considered proper nouns by the person who 'Wrote' that.


WTF is a "green eye" as mentioned in the article? I've heard red/black eye, but never green.


There is a link to a page on the actual Starbucks website that has a list of "secret menu" items. One is a green eye and it says that it is a regular coffee with three shots. If there is no "secret menu" then why would Starbucks put that on their website? http://www.starbucksdrinks.com/starbucks-secret-menu-list
Doesn't this make it very confusing for customers thinking employees are aware of this?


That's not the Starbucks website, clearly. starbucksdrinks.com is not starbucks.com, it's fake.


@Starholic also why would starbucks advertise a syrup (almond) that is no longer available


Wow then are stealing the copyrighted pictures, logos, pages of the originals website, etc. on that site because when you click on the links it takes you to the same pages as the official Starbucks site. I can understand why some customers would be confused and go around ordering these drinks. Thanks for letting me know.


I HATE these "secret menus" or the "secret size" Head's up: the short isn't a secret size. We've had it for ages. What do you think the kid's size is? It makes life for us baristas difficult because we have NO CLUE what you're trying to order. And some areas have different codenames than others like zebra/tuxedo mocha. Tuxedo mocha? Not a drink. Mocha-White Mocha? A real drink. French Vanilla? Nope. Half vanilla half hazelnut? We've got that.

That Guy

SCC has been toying with the idea of an official secret menu, so keep your eyes out. This is mainly to provide a consistent customer experience when ordering a "secret drink" There is probably 3 ways to make a "Cap'n Crunch"

I hate to hear that some partners criticize customers that try to use a secret menu. You have a customer willing to spend premium on top of an already premium drink. Make them feel special just like the rest of our customers.


You posted the blog that has been posted a million times. Wow. Everyone has written this "post" and no one is correct. Green eye? Really? At least do a little research before pulling names out of your butt.


A coffee with 3 shots is called a blue eye not a green eye. Again. People need to stop pulling crap out of their butts. It's gross and untrue.


And no, I will not blend a boscotti in the blender and no partner worth their salt will risk their job for a lousy drink for you. Nope. Not happening. And guess what? A misto is no more, it's still a tea latte and you still pay full price.
That site is so full of **** I don't know where to start.


@That Guy - people should have the sense to realize that the picture going around is fake. On top of how irritating it is to have people order things by names that don't mean anything, most of them are too stupid to realize that they have to pay for all these ridiculous modifiers and freak out when they're told.


Why such hostility? It was a mistake which I am sure a lot of customers are making without even knowing these things are not true or real. Sense or not it happens. Give people a break and the benefit of the doubt. If you hate your job so much because some customers order these drinks that do not exsist then find somewhere else to work that will make you happy. You seem to have a lot of anger.


I'm so sick of the "Secret Menu" crap. It's not a secret... its just a request. By this same logic I could order a Black coffee with 3 shots, no room and call it "Motor Oil" BOOM! a new secret menu item... IT"S NOT A SECRET, IT'S JUST WHAT YOU WANT WITH A FANCY NAME!

The closest thing you could get to a secret menu is ordering onetime offered drinks that are no longer available... for example the one we run into the most, The Starbucks Double Shot. It's no longer on the menu (though we will be getting recipe cards for it again soon) or the Marble Mocha Macchiato...


Come on ppl! If you're so unhappy helping these customers why do you work at starbucks?! Its supposed to be all about the customer at starbucks and its all about what they want! So what if they want to call them by these other names that aren't really on the menu! As long as they can tell me what's in the drink, I will be happy to make it! Don't be so damn lazy and add those couple extra pumps of syrup or java chips! Remember these customers create jobs for your dumb asses! Its not like its that hard to make any of these drinks so stop complaining and just do your job! And if you don't like it then go work somewhere else!


I had a customer today order a jcf with xtra frap roast then a jcf with no coffee,of course this was a dccf, he wanted to know if he could take the frap roast out of the dccf and put it in the jcf so he wouldnt be charged extra..they will try anything..and what the hell is a iced frappy latte..lol

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