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April 22, 2012


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In Canada we're only getting the Cookie Crumble, with chocolate whipped cream instead of the usual white.

Both sound really good, I'm excited to try it!


It does look good I must say, even if you do have to go to Japan to buy one. When is it likely to come over here?


So how come the Japanese get all the good new drinks then? Why can´t we try this out here too?

Ted Vickery

Hey, I´ve just been to Japan on business and I had one of those. Wow, I gotta say they were delicious, although I couldn´t drink two in a day - have to watch my weight.


I hope it's better than their coffee jelly (i.e., gelatin) Frappuccino, which I order only because it's different. Hoo boy, is it ever.

I keep missing their red-bean Frappuccino. Here's hoping it's in stores while I'm in town this summer.


Interesting!!! May 1st the coconut is coming back and a few days later for a few days, I think the 4th, they will have the frap happy hour again too. Can't wait.

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