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April 09, 2012


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No no and no. Customers are paying with their phone instead of with a card. Big woop. People are still either going to tip or not going to. People are either courteous or not. This changes nothing.

Need a Job

will Howard made a statement 5 years ago. if the company made a strong come back he would hire the Technicians back, as they are the back bone of the company and keep the company standards.
First Service is the 3rd party vendor that took over. they have hired twice the amount of technicians then Starbucks had doing the same Job.
the area that I used to cover. now has three tech's. so to keep them buisy. they cheat Starbucks on their billing. they over charge the time.
I have checked into this problem, by asking store managers. they told me that they want me back in their store's.
they have to wait, until they are down to just one working Esp. Machine. they are tired of this crap. they don't get the respect they had when I was around.
I was also told that the service Manager that covers this area. is using his maintance account to cover overtime by using a non First Service Tech. to get work done off the books. I was also told that the Service Manager nerver comes down once a qatar like he is supposed to. the store's in the area are starting to show the neglect.. Not Good.
I wish Howard would be an Undercover Boss just once... won't happen... he doesn't care either..

I still need a job...

I know no chance... funny how the suck up's still have their jobs.. all the good guys are gone...
even upper Management Quit and moved on... some got sued because of where they went to work... what a Joke...


There are just over 100 LESS techs working for FSN than there were Sbux techs. I agree we lost that partner connection when the Sbux techs were laid off but just like the old La Marzocco vs. the super-automatics debate...it ain't goin' back to the good ol' days!


I downloaded the mobile app as soon as it came to Android, but I've never used it to pay. I automatically go to my wallet and take out my registered card instead. I guess my card's a little easier to get to.


I'm confused about tipping employees making a non-tip wage... the price of the coffee seems to be set to cover the extra expense of non-tip wages.

I'm all for having a way to really applaud service, but I HATE being made to feel guilty or discourteous for not tipping. :/


As a barista with Starbucks for many years, I believe the scanning of the phone takes longer than just taking their Starbucks card and swipping it. Usually the customer isn't even ready, so when I tell them their total they have to wake their phone, click the app, wait for it to load, (then usually the found wifi pop-up comes up asking for them to select a wifi network so then they ave to cancel that option) OR they scan their phone before I've even told them it is ready to scan. I wish the register display would read "READY TO SCAN OR SWIPE CARD" so that the customers knew when it was time. Point is, I believe swiping the regular Starbucks card is generally faster.


Our scanners face us, so we have to turn them around to scan a phone. I like this as it reduces the Unknown Command error as I'm typing in their third drink. My store is very close to a park, so we get active customers who may have only left their house with a key and a phone; the app keeps them from having to bring a card along as well. Tipping has not been reduced in my experience.

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