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April 19, 2012


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I <3 music

That's good news.


Yeah, and now those who complained about it can go enjoy their bacon sandwich made from the flesh of an animal that was slaughtered. Go figure.


But it's ok for them to continue to use petroleum-based Red Dye #40 in their Raspberry syrup?


Agreed...the anti bug movement was silly. The people that complained will go next door to the McDonald's and get a pink slime burger and put crushed bug ketchup (sp?) on their saturated fat fried french fries.


I'm actually really bummed they're taking out the bug. I'm gonna go to a starbucks and hopefully get one before they change so I can compare for myself. I think it's just neat that bugs can do that, and that we can get enough of them to make it work.


LOL, "thorough, yet fastidious" is rather redundant. Doesn't anyone check this before it goes public?

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I think this was a good move. You fix the problem to avoid in leading this to a bigger problem. If the consumer cannot satisfy to their products, this can be an impact to their company.


Out with organic, in with synthetic processed crap because Westerners, in general, don't understand reality.


Although cochineal extract is more healthy than the old strawberry puree, its still not recommended for daily use. Cochineal extract is also known as carmine, a known carcinogen (as most colorings are). Oh, how we endanger our health for the sake of color!


DR...I doubt that the anti-bug people are thrilled about pink slime, too.

They're not going back to an artificial colorant, they're going to use a tomato based one.


I was aware of the lycopene. Kudos to Starbucks for taking iniative!

Eskay@flying ants in house

smart (business-smart) move by starbucks. whatever the motive, it's a laudable initiative.

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