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April 25, 2012


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Yup. This weekend in Canada.


Next weekend**


Frappy hour is going to be back next week and its going to be horrible for Sbux partners.


Ugh. So, if I put in my 2 weeks now...


Can someone elaborate for us non-buckies why Frappie-hour is so odious?


Happy crappy frappy "go die" hour is baack. Yay...

Coffee Soldier

Happy Hour is stressful for the in store partners because it is so busy and having two blenders with nearly every customer ordering a frappuccino makes for long wait times BUT frappuccinos are extremely profitable and this event gets customers in daily who then form a habit and will pay full price later! I prefer the treat recipe so the business is more spread out but as long as you are staffed, have fun and take advantage of the extra customers...sample, make connections..you will be successful!


Coconut again? Blah... Something new please! AND BRING BACK MALT!!! What I wouldnt do for a Mocha Malt frapp... and No it doesnt taste the same if i bring home a mocha frapp and "mix malt in" after the fact... and No DONT TELL ME TO REBLEND IT WHEN I GET HOME WITH MALT cuz that hardly works!

Wow kinda trailed off there....


Oh, Frappy hour, how I've missed you. You're bringing me back that Coppertone syrup, you say? And my old friend chocolate whipped cream? Frappy hour, you must have missed me too!

And me...you missed the cutoff for a successful two week bailout by about 5 days ;)


I was curious to know if the coconut flavor was coming back this summer so I asked and was told yes, May 1st. He told me they already had it but could not serve it till then, and then he told me about the frap happy hour coming back too. I don't drink fraps much but do look forward to this because I can save some $$ on them. Few reasons I do not drink fraps much and one is price, but oh how I love my double shots and iced coffees. :0)


Malt? sounds good...when did they have that flavor? Mocha malt sounds like a drinkable whopper candy. :0)


I'm a partner of several years and actually like Frappuccino hours. Yes, it's crazy. But it's only a couple hours.


They had malt circa 2002-2003 and then was brought back circa 2005-2006 and since then has been kaput


Thanks Sheik....sounds like something they should bring back. I just found out they had a blueberry and creme frap at one time and melon syrup...mmmmm.

There is mention of the happy hour here with the annoucement of that mocha cookie crumble frap...sounds like a java chip just changed up a bit...?? http://blogs.starbucks.com/blogs/customer/archive/2012/04/05/introducing-mocha-cookie-crumble-frappuccino.aspx

Tall Blonde

A new frap IS coming...Mocha Cookie Crumble with chocolate whipped cream and cookie crumble topping...yum!

I work at SB and I don't mind Frap Happy Hour...it's kind of fun really to be crazy busy for a couple of hours and the customers are all happy because they are getting a bargain!

Xtra Bold Blonde

What do you think of this Mocha Cookie Crumble frap? Its made with whole milk, mocha, vanilla, chocolate whip, and cookie crumbles...then we wonder why America has an obesity problem. Sure it can be customized to be lower in fat/calories..but still. Just saying..

Broyling Water

I don't have a problem with the Mocha Cookie Crumble frap. America has an obesity problem not because of the sugary drinks, it's because people are too lazy/stupid to not drink 2-3 of them a day, and they don't exercise. I'll have one a week, and go from there. But then again, I walk everywhere, and I workout on a regular basis.

That said, this will be my first year not working behind the counter for the Frappy Hour, so it's exciting for me. Can't believe that it'll be one year away from the company on June 1st.

Fed up barista

Frapuccino happy hour = Crappy hour because we are either under staffed or if not then we are just in each others way anyway because there isnt much room behind the counter, 2 blenders just arent enough to get all of the fraps out in a timely manner, so customers get angry to have to wait, then they take the wrong drink that has someone elses name on it, so then we have to make another one for the customer who was really supposed to have the drink they took which sets everything back, and we run out of everything yet no one has a minute to get whatever we ran out of. Please don't tell me that is fun. If so then you probably dont work in a busy store.


happy hour is a great opportunity for customers to try drinks at a discounted rate -- who doesn't like to save money?!
The only downside is that we become much busier than usual, and if from a busy store already, that means being super duper busy instead of just insanely busy...which with bad preparation and execution just leaves baristas angry and overworked.
since this will be our 3rd or 4th, hopefully all the managers out there have paid attention and are doing their best to staff and be prepared for this money making opportunity - and any baristas who are dreading it: instead use your knowledge and experience of the past to help set yourselves up for the future -- set your stations up well, use the 230-3p time slot each day to create an area that will be conducive to executing steps 1-3,4-6 and 7&8 well. do your part to make it smoother if no one else does and be a part of the solution.. it's happening, so you better ride it in a fun and exciting way.

here's to $60 stocks!!


hope this Frap Happy Hour comes to the UK.

I mean we pay £3+($4.80+) for Frappucinos here

Cookie Crumbs

The "new" cookie crumble frap is simply a java chip frap with some vanilla syrup. Topped with chocolate whip and some crushed Oreo cookie wafer type hybrid crumbs. No biggie.


We have been told that Frappy hour will be from 3 to 5 starting May 1, it used to be between 2 and 5, also the stores are going to be staffed with an extra partner to handle the increase in business, the whole motive behind Frappy hour is to introduce new customers to Frapuccinos, and let people know they can customize the drink however they like. hopefully increasing business through the summer when other areas of business decline.. the cookie crumble is like a frozen hot chocolate. for the partners who go into this with the negative attitudes, quit if you don't like the job,go find another job that gives you benefits, there are plenty of people waiting for your slot. your negative energy just brings the rest of us down, the job is stressful enough as it is.I find the partners who complain the most, usually do the least, always have their cell phones on them while working and let the rest of us pick up the slack.. but I am thankful to have a job


BaristaJack do different locations have different day/time scheduled for the happy hour? From the Starbucks blog it says: "return of Frappuccino® Happy Hour! Come into a participating Starbucks store May 4-13 between 3-5 p.m. and enjoy any Frappuccino® blended beverage for half price."
This is what my barista told me...the May 1st date was for the start of the coconut mocha and cookie fraps.
Just curious, thanks. :0)


if you don't know how to "move and shake" this yes happy hour can be no fun.. but if you know what you are doing, know how to take 10 seconds to change a pump, or get more frapp roast in 15 seconds, etc... then you will be just fine! but if you go into happy hour with a bad attitude then your day is ruined, and its your fault


But when your store closes at 5:30 like mine...fun stuff.

Seattle Starbucks Regular

Dear fed up baristas: If you don't like your job, quit so someone who is willing to work hard will get their shot. If you don't like being busy, get a different job. Complaining does you no good and makes you look lazy. Bringing in customers and providing good deals is a good thing. Positive thinking tends to yield positive results. Proclaim that your going to have a bad time and I guarantee you will. It's your loss. So you only have two blenders...use them. People are happy to wait if you're polite. If somebody isn't happy to wait, that's their problem and you shouldn't worry about it if you know your doing your best.


Crapy Frapy hour = Too many customers, not enough starbucks partners, long wait times due to every one wanting a gazillion xxxCr Caramel fraps which leads to Sbux partners getting carpel tunnel (has happened to 3 partners I know), pissed off customers, sweaty starbucks partners, no time to do any thing other than make fraps, messy as hell lobby, did I mention the customers complaining about every thing. Lets talk about the SMs out there who are horrible at scheduling and put only 2 people on the floor for Crapy Hour and do not order enough supplies so the store runs out of every thing! Also not being able to get any breaks or lunches out makes for disgruntled partners. Who cares about the Starbucks partners as long as they get their 14 fraps in 2 minutes (which is impossible). For you partners out their who say its not that bad then you for sure have not worked every. single. frapy. hour. since its creation. That is all.


Our area is getting ready to have "Playbook". Can anyone tell us about it who might already be using it?


Way to go Starbucks! Glad to see that you're doing your part to ensure that Americans stay nice and fat and unhealthy!


hmmm, maybe you should speak to your dm about closing later for happy hour? That way you don't lose sales from stragglers coming in after 5pm and you are less stressed about closing tasks.

lattelady, we have beginning phase of playbook in my store. I had read about in on this site before we launched it and was super excited. But it really isn't that big of a deal. Some great best practices, more routines. It makes for a smooth running peak.

Basically it revolves over aces in their places, everyone being planted. Only the Floater (usually shift) and the DTO wear a headset. As a floater I follow an 8 step routine beginning with 1. Brew Coffee.

It's great! Have fun increasing your throughput!


lol i will not be working frappy hour this year horray, already know that we are understaffed. our dm actually had to talk to our whole crew about You are Not allowed to call frappuccino blended coffee/ creme anything but that, No Fraps, Frappy (hour)anything of that sort or u get write up. cuz it's damaging to the brand.


@anonymous I'm curious how your routine works. As the shift, my duties during our peak with four people working, means I am the brewer, warming oven and R2 at the same time while doing the required 50+ transactions each half hour? How is it that the ASL system considers a single transaction that is 23ppl spending $167.00 the same time requirement as a single transaction of a MCCF if labor is figured off of # of transactions alone? 25 each half hour affords 3 ppl working, you must reach 50 per to afford 4ppl on the floor. I only have 4 people working for an hour during the mornings.


To all of those stating the unhealthy obsession and starbucks responsibility to keeping american fat, ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS IS WHAT CUSTOMERS ASKED FOR. Starbucks asked for what customers wanted on starbucksideas and this was what they wanted. Every single one of Starbucks drinks are under 500 calories as long as they aren't customized with extras. lets just say people who order breve fraps with extra carmel and extra whip with the extra sugar or syrups or powders That is WAY over 500 calories. Why is it the businesses fault? why can't people take responsibility for their own choices? OHHHH Thats right we live in the USA and it is our right to blame everyone else

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