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May 30, 2012


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We had the same complaints from our regular customers too. They boycotted for awhile. Some never returned. We did get more lighting. But our seating isn't all that.


This is just a matter of opinion. I'm sure some customers like the new design of the store in question. I seriously doubt Starbucks is trying to drive customers away from its stores. That being said if a customer buys one cup of coffee and sits in the cafe for 8 hours using the store as their office, its not like the company gets a great deal of benefit from that customer sitting there all day.


I'm pretty sure the litany of small tables is intended to prevent 1 person from turning a 4 seat table into their office for the day.

Bitter Ben

We added new speakers like this at my store, it was so you could hear the music better not blast at people and make them want to leave.

I am gonna go ahead and say no, sbux isn't trying to make the stores more uncomfortable. People just hate change.


I always hate when kids camp out and do homework, nursing a $2 beverage. If the new layout deters them, it works for me. I just like to sit long enough to have my drink.


I work at a store that's less than a year old, and people LOVE our store. Today when I did a lobby slide (clean, check, stock) every single table was occupied. We have a very high volume store and we were an additional one within a 4 block radius that already had 2 previous stores (so it's not like customers had no choice).

Most people don't like change unless it personally benefits them.


sounds like harvard yard. that would make it 1 year and two weeks old. Just sayin...


Yes, I found the harvard yard location to be really uncomfortable. (Coffee tasted just fine, however and that's all i really care about.)


The same thing happened at my local Starbucks in Seattle. The redesign made the store feel cold and cramped, kind of industrial. I used to go there a couple of times a week. Now, I try to avoid going there because the place exudes a lonely, disconnected vibe.


cc: which store? I live in Seattle and haven't seen any that look similar to Harvard yard. (Since I don't frequent ALL the Starbucks in the area, I'm genuinely curious to check it out to see if it's similar.)


My regular Starbucks had that teeny tables thing a few years back. It didn't even last a year. They brought back the easy chairs and added some weird chaise lounge that looks out of place.


The So. Juanita store in Kirkland is like this. Cold light, uncomfortable seats(except for 2 armchairs).

And it's usually empty. Drive thru store



I live in between two Starbucks stores. They have both been renovated.. Comfortable seating: out. I am in NY.

I used to frequent Starbucks daily, sometimes more than once a day. I used to go to get my coffee in the morning before work. I also go to school, so I'd stop in after work to grab a cup before class, and then again in the evenings or weekends after work to stay a while to do some studying.
At the time, there were these cozy couches that I sat on to do my studying.
Had those couches not been there, I would not have been studying at Starbucks and never would have met my SO.

The allure of a coffeehouse is its laid back and comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

It's fun, cozy, and I don't mind purchasing that expensive drink, because I know I will be staying a while.

These renovations have really turned me off. Most coffee shops have comfortable couches, etc. Independant shops have maintained this concept.

I don't mind sitting at a table and chairs if I am having a meal at a restaurant. But Starbucks is a coffee house. I go to coffee houses for different reasons than I do restaurants.

I am disappointed. I have not been to any Starbucks store in over two months.


Have you any idea how much grime and bacteria those "comfy" chairs carry? Our bathrooms are more sanitary....


Starbucks should ensure they have at least two easy chairs at every store where that is possible, and ensure the long bench seating at its newer locations is soft enough to be comfortable. It does take more than good coffee to attract people to Starbucks. The new Mcdonalds stores are definitely more comfortable than the new Starbucks stores, and they have good coffee also. Not having easy chairs at Starbucks is a really bad idea. Even if one doesn't use them that much, knowing they are there means alot. They provide a wonderful, welcoming coffeehouse atmosphere.

Leslyn Flowers

We are currently experiencing this new and impersonal overhaul in Hollywood, California. I cannot tell you how EXTREMELY disappointed they have made me. What attracted me to Starbucks was the family friendly welcoming and comfortable coffee house atmosphere. Not the coffee. It was new and refreshing and helped to establish the sense community so desperately lacking in so many of our Cities. It is what made Starbucks great! With this new customer unfriendly design, Starbucks have shown to me that they do not care whether I have a welcoming customer experience anymore. I feel dumped, I mean duped, no, duped and dumped. Not to mention expendable.
Starbucks, like so many other franchises that obtain success by appealing to the heart of the consumer, have followed suit by sacrificing that winning concept on the altar of the all mighty dollar, or whatever. They are descending into the depths of franchise mediocrity.
A friend of mine who has frequented a local Starbucks of mine for years, was approached by a manager recently and told that he could not stay all day. He crushed him. Is it really worth it. Really. After all these years.
They surprise me. What a shame. Another let down. If people are buying the coffee, eating the food, socializing or being productive in some way, please, let them do it around other friendly people. Why not? Heck, J.K. Rowling wrote her first Harry Potty novel in coffee shops, with her little baby!



Remember when Starbucks was supposed to be your third place? Now they just want you to stay away....

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