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May 12, 2012


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I have been drinking Awake tea for years but never understood why they switched the teabag expect to jack up the price. TAZO is an OK tea, if I wanted something really fine I would not drink it, and the switch did not improve the quality at all. In fact the Venti with two teabags is too strong and one teabag too weak. Also, if you remove the two full leaf teabags after it steeps you are left with a cup that is not nearly full, especially if it was not filled to the rim to start with. So Starbucks took a simply basic product and messed it up. Unfortunately I see that all the time, Keep It Simple Stupid and If It Works Don't Break It! Since the switchover a few years ago my Starbucks visits have fallen from 1-2 per day to 1-2 per week, and my Starbucks tea habit has been permanently altered as I found that I love the Harney tea product which I prepare daily at home.

On another topic, is it me or has the quality of the wood stirrers gone down hill. They used to be robust but now are often limp and noodle like, and I think that many would agree that is not a good thing! ;)


Yeah ... Starbucks doesn't run Tazo. They just have distribution type deal with them. So you should be complaining to Tazo, not Starbucks.


Tazo was purchased by Starbucks in 1999 for $8.1 million.

I don't double cup venti size teas :)

You just got owned noobie partner... now go do a bus, and don't forget to clean the washrooms >.>

Fox in a Hole

Yeah, I'm pretty sure a discussion of what Starbucks owns is covered at First Impressions... so, um, read your training books, please. ;)

Bitter Ben

in all fairness the training books that talk about what starbucks owns are fairly new and the classes were taken sporadically in the last year or so...

When I went through my class, all I remember is Jim Donald was the CEO in the video (this was after Howard came back, though) it was actually kind of sad.

Where did all your posters go Jim?

Watch how the discussion here moves from the quality of the tea bags to Starbucks training materials and overall quality of training.


I drink lots of tea and my favorite is the Vanilla Rooibos. Two in a tall or grande makes an awesome venti iced tea. My only complaint - I think the full leaf teas have outstanding flavor - is that you can't buy them in a bag rather than a tin.

The old tea bag strings dripped, too, and that tea did not have nearly the depth of flavor. Pull the tabs off the end and drop the strings inside your cup and they won't drip on you. It's not complicated.

Starbucksgossip Webmaster

Dear "Where Did All the Posters Go..."

There are plenty of posters here, but that doesn't matter frankly. Anyone who Googles STARBUCKS + {ANY TERM] ends up on this site because I'm always at the top or near the top of the search results.

I'm doing just fine. I like the regulars who post here, but I love the Google traffic.


Webmaster - I agree totally! I love your site! HOWEVER... I think it needs a makeover :-) I.e. just a new banner :)
Think about it!


If you tuck the tag into the rim of the cup (which you were not able to do with the double tag of the old bags) you won't have this problem.
(or rip off the tag and toss the whole sting in as someone above said).

I agree that the string often create a hole in the silk bag - there is definitely a flaw in the design, but you work with what you have; and a few tea leaves floating in my tea doesn't really disturb me that much.


I've had multiple complaints about this, and I still don't understand why the teabags tabs are glued to the teabag to begin with, at least in the commercial setting, maybe to keep them from tangling.... but its a terrible thing to try and take apart with such awful tongs.


This whole debate right here is an example of why most customers are mentally nothing but babies wearing adult suits. Seriously.


I've had this problem a lot too whenever i take tea home for my markout. The string is always dripping tea and the side of my cup is always wet. so irritating, wish they would come up with a better solution

Debbie Walker

What are rhe tea bags acrually made of?

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