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May 25, 2012


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livin' la VIA loca

Really surprised/disapointed? that Webmaster Jim didn't start an open thread about the Sbux massive shutdown on Wed. 5/23.


Between the timing (morning rush) and numerous stores across so many states it just seemed STRANGE and that there is much more to this story than the Sbux PR spin dept is saying/covering about "routine maintainence" and water pressure/filtration system issues...

Also has anyone heard if partners scheduled to work but then ordered to stay out/home will be paid for their time?


Don't know anything about these closings. My store was open all day Wednesday...no issues.

As far as calling off a partner, let's say that it's due to hazardous weather or something like that. I think that it's up to the SM, DM, and/or corporate as to whether or not the parter gets paid. Depending on the state that you live in, there might be laws regarding being paid for having to leave work early/not go in at all due to issues beyond your control...

I <3 music

That's cute

TV James

Of course we know how many drinks and lemon loafs he purchased. Same number as the rest of us with gold cards. No idea where mine is, though, I use the password protected app on my phone which I don't leave in my car. Since my card is registered, I also know I can go online to report it stolen of need be. Of course, I don't keep $200 on mine. *sigh* Slow news day apparently.


Ummm TV James it is a Starbucks gossip blog not CSPAN LOL


My mom is a partner in So Fla and she said it was due to a recalled part of the water filtration system. .


Didnt seem to affect any stores in our area.


Have we already discussed the new Blonde Iced Coffee? Repeatable drive through stuff?

east coast mgr

he should just put a hold on his gold-card account online and request a new card. Customer service will re-issue a new card with the remaining balance.

Several stores in my area affected as well. And YES you will get paid for the hours you missed. It's not up to the SM, DM or even RD .... it's a corporate standard. No tips though :(

san diego

I fully believe it. There are stores all over my area who are having problems with the new water filtration systems that have been installed. At least one store in my area has not had filtered water for THE PAST SIX MONTHS. Starbucks cut corners and ordered a shitty system, and now this. Awesome.


My store was one of the stores shut down. We were supposed to have our filtration system repaired overnight. As far as I know, it is still unplugged.

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