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May 03, 2012


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Fox in a Hole

Huge difference between the two kitty-corner Starbucks stores at Robson & Thurlow.

The one that's closing is chock full of baristas with bad attitudes, dirty tables/condiment stand, flies in the pastry case, smokers congregating outside and is quite sterile feeling.

The one that's staying open across the street was renovated a couple of years ago. It's in a nice little brick building, has great atmosphere, friendly partners working behind the counter, better seating/lighting, more power outlets, and one of only a handful of locations downtown that has a Clover machine.

Too bad they have to close that one store, as having kitty-corner stores is one of the unique quirks about this city, but if they had to choose one, they definitely chose right.


Have worked at both stores, and I found them both incredible partners, customers, and spaces. That being said, I worked at Thurlowe two years ago, so a lot could've changed; haven't been to either in a while but the two Starbucks across the street have always been an in joke for Vancouverites. I'll be sad to see it go.


This, of course, is one of the two stores in the film "Best of Show" that inspired the sequence where the two unpleasant yuppies talked about meeting at Starbucks -two different ones, across the street from each other.

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