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May 01, 2012


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is anyone else's store going to be out of cookie crumbles because the warehouse is out and we are not getting any until the week of the 7th? Just in time to miss half of happy hour, cant wait for those disappointments.


I was able to order cookie crumbles today but not coconut flakes or syrup!


Good to see the Starbucks supply chain being run as competently as always.

How can this be called "Chocolate?" I thought they had to be "chocolaty"


tastes just like Rhumba Frap.


The coconut flakes: most of what was in the warehouses was expired. Genius! So they are making more! We were sent a whole bunch of expired flakes and only a few we could use.

Billy Ray Collins

Glad there is coconut syrup at Starbucks again; don't have to drive to Barnes and Noble Starbucks until they take it away again.

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