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May 22, 2012


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I had to explain once it's pronounced MOCK-ee-Ahh-Toe and not Mullato ...


we call a coffee with three shots a "pink eye". Chai with an add shot is called a "dirty chai" & if there's two shots it's a "naughty chai" The jury is still out on what to call a chai with three shots...


A coffee with three shots is actually a "green eye."

How about we all just ignore the "dirty chai" thing. You can order a chai with as many shots as you want, but I am not going to call out "I have a tall naughty chai for Patty," or even a "dirty chai." It will be called a "solo chai" or whatever you want in it. Asking for a "naughty chai" will get a weird look from your barista.


As an almost 9 years partner I have to say I hate the "dirty chai" phrase. Starbucks has never had nor adopted that term. It is brought into the stores by people who also get coffee etc. other places. It has always been called by shot number and chai. I continue to call it that way while younger / newer partners seem to have adopted it.


We call it a pink pussy


3 shots is a jedi.


I've been waiting for that for so long. The black guy! HA!
I love the manifistations and evolution of drink names:
A dirty chai= A chai latte with an add shot(s) of esspresso
A soy chai latte= A chai latte using soy juice as a substitute for milk...typically what hippies/slow people/menopausal women order.
The Dirty Hippie!!!!= A soy chai latte with an add shot!

Starbuckers, Inc.

OMG. Love the Dirty Hippie. Perfect.

I can see not wanting to get into "naughty" territory, but in case Ian or anyone else is confused, it's totally not anything suggestive. It's just a reference to a Dirty Martini, which is a gin martini with olive brine added to it.


I always called 2 shots the JFK



I've heard that one as well, but I won't tell that to a customer.


3 shots is a dead Kennedy

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