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June 02, 2012


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He may have lost his iPad, but he kept his table! And that's what really matters.


Well, that sucks. I'm sure the SS on duty offered him a free drink on the house to help nurture the human spirit.

Former Manager

Having managed an urban Starbucks and seeing rampant theft, I can't imagine why people are so cavalier. Though I'm no longer with the company, I've twice thwarted thefts while in a store as a customer, just because I'm used to knowing what to look for, I guess.

In one situation (in DC) a woman left her purse over a chair to go to the restroom. ?? It was very busy and very crowded and I watched a guy case it for awhile, moving closer and closer. Finally he saw me staring right at him and I looked back-and-forth between him and the purse and he immediately walked out. She came back and I approached her, pointed to the guy walking down the street and said, "That guy was just about to steal your purse - you need to be careful." She seemed shocked - shocked! - that such a thing might happen.


I like the use of the word "urban", yea because that is the only place things get stolen.


that was sarcasm by the way.

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