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June 04, 2012


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Hopefully the horrible frozen pastries that stores currently have will get better. My store in Los Angeles tested fresh products like this from La Brea bakery several years ago but costs were too high. Many Customers also complained about the high quality preferring the sugary nasty stuff.

I <3 music

Our food could be better. Why pay some bakery when we could buy one kinda like tazo teas.

Coffee Soldier

I'm excited for the new roll out early next year! Also for the K-cups next week and later the Refreshers. It looks like some nice new profit driving items are down the road. I'm sure the new bakery items will be higher priced. Why would we offer a premium product at a cheaper price? Customers come to Starbucks for convenience not for a sale to buy a weeks worth a food such as at a grocery store!


Improve the food? I've heard that so many times it isn't even funny. We'll see...


Food can't get worse!

Color me actually excited about this.

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