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August 21, 2012


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Charlie Pharis

Absolutely! That's the best deal going! In fact, I often give "extras" away to other people to use for their free coffee!

One catch...the 1-lb. bags FROM the Starbucks store don't qualify, if I'm not mistaken. Only the 12-oz. size ones from the grocery store, supermarket, etc. count. I may be wrong...

Nothing in life is free

Very true... ONLY the 12 ounce bags from the grocery store, that have the FREE tall cup of coffee coupon stamped on the bag will work.

It was Starbuck's attempt to get non-Starbucks-store coffee drinkers into an actual store to spend money on pastries or extra stuff WITH their free cup of coffee... you know, like a crack dealer... "the first one is free"... now you are hooked.

However, nine times out of ten when these people come in, they get their free cup of coffee, and that's IT. No extra anything; frugal people are thrifty and frugal for a reason. Same reason Groupon isn't doing well... if you can't repeat the positive reward you can't create a habit or repeat business.


i rarely buy sbux at the supermarket but when i do i always cash in my bag...


But isn't it true that if your have a Gold card, you get a free cup of coffee when you buy a bag of coffee at a Starbucks store?




If you have gold card status you get a free tall beverge of your choice on the same transaction as 1lb of coffe in a retail location. it automatically is deducted from the total transaction. Any beverage. tall coffe or a triple tall white mocha frappuccino with java chips and everything inbetween.


@Michael: ALWAYS. And it isn't just a coffee; it's any tall beverage of your choice. If the barista is ignorant of this fact, just order a tall beverage of any type when you buy your coffee beans. After she slides your gold card, it will deduct the cost of your beverage.

just another partner

the bags of coffee that you purchase at a grocery store have a coupon on them. THOSE are the bags you can get a free cup of coffee with. bring in the coupon, get a tall coffee.

if you buy the coffee in a starbucks you get any free tall drink with your gold card, yes (when you purchase it, not bringing the bag back later).

that said, plenty of people come in and hand you the bags of coffee they get from the retail stores and ask for their free tall coffee... technically they dont get it, but they usually do end up with it anyway. lol.


I've done this twice. Both times, the barista was awesome about it (because I pulled out the bag and said, "I think I can get a free cup of coffee with this?") and I was really unsure if they would do it, and the people in line behind me were starting at me, so it was kind of embarrassing, . I don't buy the grocery store beans anymore though, but I guess if you factor in the price of the free cup, the grocery bags aren't as expensive anymore.


The only starbucks in our area is attached to our target. I always return my grocery store bag of starbucks coffee there. I drink up a container worth of ground coffee beans more than I go to target, and so at times have several empty bags in my glove box, delightfully wafting the aroma starbucks in my usually gross smelling mini van.
Also, to eliminate the embarrassing
"um...here's my garbage... can I have something free now" social awkwardness simply stride up to the barista and say: "I am recycling my starbucks bag...make my free tall coffee iced...thanks"


My friend told me today that effective 10/16 Starbucks would no longer provide a free cup of coffee in exchange for an empty starbucks bag. I found nothing on the internet to support this. Could this be a decision made by Starbucks in Bend OR?


Same issue with store telling me they no longer honor. Tweeted starbucks, but no response... Seems like this would be an issue since they still sell the bags with the offer.


Just tried to do this today and the barista told me that now the "stand alone" Starbucks stores do not honor these bags from the grocery store with coupons for free tall coffee, but if I take the bag back to Kroger or Target the Starbucks inside will. Unfortunately I usually do my grocery shopping at night, after the Starbucks is closed, so that kind of sucks. Looking for official confirmation from Starbucks though...

Charles B.

Yet Starbucks still keeps churning out bags of coffee with "Redeem Empty Bag for Free Tall Coffee" selling to unsuspecting customers. Just last week I bought a recently stocked bag with "best by July 2013" date with the free coffee offer. I would think there would be more negative blow-back from this. What is the difference between this and false advertising?


starbucks at target will no longer give you a free cup of coffee when you return the bag, apparently it was dipping into their profit -- then why sell the cofee bags with the sticker for free cup ?

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