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September 13, 2012


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Her wallet must've also lost a ton of weight.


Oats and bean water. Wow, tell us more amazing diet secrets.


I worked with a partner who lost 20 pounds on this diet. BUT, other than the oatmeal, she couldn't afford it even with her discount so she came in at closing and took the day old markouts. She called it the "Expired Starbucks Food diet."


Speaking of the price of Starbucks, have the prices done a recent noticeable jump? Is it teas? Pastries? My short coffee, petite scone and turkey bacon sandwich use to be under 6 bucks (in chicago). Now it's almost 7 and almost 8in NY! What gives??


Some prices are changing, including most of the breakfast sandwiches. I can't recall all of the details or the date.


The only things lately to have risen were the prices of the brownies ($1.95 to $2.25), and the price of some breakfast sandwiches have risen (I want to say that the wraps and artisan sandwiches stayed the same, just the classic rose). The tea has not changed. The other pastries have not changed.

I believe, Breakfast, your issue lies in the fact that your turkey bacon's (a classic sandwich) price rose, and you have failed to take into account various taxes in different area. NY is a pain in regard to that.


I've totally stopped eating their biscottis when they doubled the price and increased the calories a couple of months ago.


NY taxes are a lot higher than IL. Pretty simple.
This isn't a diet, or healthy really. The breakfast maybe. But let's be real. You could eat junk food and if you eat the right amount of calories still loose weight. That does not make it healthy.


Is she trying to become the Starbucks version of Jared?

Coffee Soldier

Couldn't you just eat half the biscotti and the other half later? Then you''d have same size as before, same price as before and same calories as before!


Makes you wonder what she was eating before.. HA!


I wish someone had told her that she could've gone to Costco and picked up a mega-pack of Quaker Oats for the cost of just a couple of days of "perfect oatmeal"....


I gained 30 pounds working at Starbucks...


In the video clip, you see here carrying a Hermes Birkin handbag. VERY expensive- they usually start at $6000 and higher. Of course this woman could afford the Starbucks diet!!!


Dinner is the only meal I have at home. My breakfast is perfect oatmeal and a strawberry smoothie with extra protein. My lunch is a chocolate smoothie with extra protein. Dinner I get to eat chicken thighs (or beef if it's on sale). That's why I defend the smoothies so much, if they go away, I lose a great source of protein which I couldn't afford if I didn't get partner beverages at work. Sure, 1lb of veggies and some chicken for dinner sucks, but I gotta balance things out and afford to eat. I've lost 40lbs doing this.


God only knows what her sodium levels are.


Have you guys ever experimented with making smoothies without banana? I've tried adding extra ice, but it's not too great.

It would be amazing if Starbucks had some banana-free smoothie options.


It's obvious that the reason she lost weight is portion control. There's no 'magic' to the food she chose. What works is that she had a reasonable amount of food at each meal, and no leftovers. She must have had little to no food at home to tempt her.

As someone said above, she's trying to become the next Jared, but I think people these days are smarter about people working a gimmick.

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