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October 23, 2012


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you should be charged for classic in an americano..


you shouldn't be charged for classic in:
iced teas
iced coffees
starbucks doubleshots
green tea lattes
awake tea latte
vanilla rooibos tea latte
strawberry and cream
green tea frappuccino

i might have missed one or two but i think i got them all


Classic Syrup is included in the iced tea recipes and the iced coffee recipes, as well as the green tea latte. It does not come free of charge in any other drink.


The price of syrup in a drink is based on the standard recipes for the drinks. Iced teas, tea lemonades, iced coffees, iced coffees with milk, starbucks doubleshots, tea lattes all are prepared with syrup as a standard (note: syrup, not sauce). An iced americano made according to the standard recipe is just espresso, water, and ice. Any syrup added to it is an extra charge. Any drink with a standard recipe containing a syrup can get any other syrup substituted, or added in, and however much you want (one lady gets a venti doubleshot with 18 pumps sfc, no joke) for no extra charge.
Again, the rules are different for sauces; not all flavorings are syrups. Mocha, white mocha, pumpkin spice, caramel brulee, chai; these are all charged as extra even when the drink comes standard with a SYRUP because they are Sauces.

super barista

Classic syrup is a standard part of the recipe for iced tea and iced coffee. It is already included in the price of your drink. The 'free syrup' benefit that was taken away from the My Starbucks Rewards program refers to adding syrup to a drink that does not normally come with it.

If you add a syrup to a drink like an Americano, you should be charged, as Americanos do not normally contain any syrup. The same goes for adding an additional syrup to a drink like putting raspberry in your white mocha.

Hope that helps :)

Mr Alliteration

Can't wait to read the conflagration of conflicting comments about to be communicated here...

Jacquith Porter

Most ice beverages come with classic automatically (teas and coffee), as a Barista I just sub classic when I am ringing up an iced beverage that does not automatically come sweetened, such as an iced americano, which was how I was taught. I don't see how the changes in the gold card rewards would alter this.

baristabot (K model)

Classic syrup is included in the price of some beverages (the iced teas and coffee, mostly, but also tea lattes) but if syrup (flavored or not) is not included as part of the default beverage recipe, then you pay for it. If you want to add sugar to an iced drink that doesn't have syrup included in the price, then you can use the granulated sugar at the condiment stand if you don't want to pay. That's just how it works.

Barista Ben

What baristabot said. Classic is included in the price of some beverages and not in others. You always pay for classic, just some drinks it comes with so you don't realize its part of the recipe. Others, it isn't. Is it a bit silly to pay for classic when you can just go use sugar? Sure, but then, just go use sugar.

when you get these types of drinks that the syrup is already added into the price, if you want a different syrup, there is no different charge. The register automatically adds the syrup without adding a charge (no this isn't because you hit the sub button) so a iced coffee with vanilla instead of classic is the same price, same with an iced tea with raspberry. Even if you want both, same price.

Now just don't confuse syrups with sauces ...

super barista

Barista Ben is wrong about one thing: " same with an iced tea with raspberry. Even if you want both, same price."

The policy is that we charge for syrup that is not a part of the standard recipe. The beverage resource manual states: if not part of the recipe, customers are charged just once if any amount if syrup added"

This means:
if you substitute raspberry for classic, you are NOT charged for any syrup
if you get classic AND raspberry you ARE charged for raspberry.

You can get as much syrup as you like once you pay the charge, but if you add a syrup to a beverage that does not normally come with it you are supposed to pay for it.

Additionally, this means you have to pay for syrup, even if you only get one pump. So, sorry to all you one pump vanilla Chai drinkers (and the like), but those are the rules. I'm just following them :)

Colorado Barista

I noticed in Hawaii all the Starbucks had Classic on the condiment bar next to the milk carafes..
I also noted all the stores had fireplaces!


you are wrong. next time you are at work, ring up an iced tea with classic and raspberry. hell, ring it up with every *syrup* we have and you will see there is no additional charge.
the chai information you have is correct, however.
there is no syrup for which you are substituting classic in the americano (or any other non-syrup-standard drink. it should be just be rung up straight (i.e. iced, grande, americano, classic syrup). no subbing or any other such nonsense.
for the record, as of right now, my information posted above is the most thorough and correct, for those of you wondering.


I always loved being a bitch charging people for 1 pump of things and watching the customers complain... now it's my job to charge for 1 pump and I revel in it.

Julicifer McJiggis

This whole pricing is so Bullshit! Go back to the 10% off black-gold card!


you shouldn't be charged if you just sub classic syrup in any other drink. but if you add classic in your americano, yes there is.


now it costs me $1.01 more with tax to get a venti iced cinnamon dolce latte than before the change. thanks starbucks!


How about Decaf Ice coffee with regular syrup??



There's no decaf iced coffe, at least not in canada. And all the syrups are regular, I hate when people ask for nonsense "regular" stuff, like a "regular tea" all of them are pretty regular.


Target starbucks charges me for vanilla when I order a grande vanilla iced coffee. No stand alone starbucks charge me or the one in Krogers or Barnes and Noble. Is it just a choice of the franchise to charge for vanilla with an iced coffee, or is it supposed to be charged? Just curious.


Sam - I work @ a Target SB, and we don't charge for vanilla w/ iced coffee! At mine you can select classic or any other syrup at no extra charge.

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