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October 02, 2012


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I'm glad I'm not the only one. (Though I'm not afraid of the occasional shot of vanilla or caramel flavor in my coffee.)

No Name

Ditto for me from this WSJ writer... you are all robot-zombie-lamb-PSL drinking lemmings.


Stop liking what I don't like!


They're not too bad. I like them occasionally. I'm more of a brewed coffee/Iced Coffee kinda guy. Not bad for a dessert though.


In its defense, it's called a Pumpkin SPICE latte. NOT a PUMPKIN latte. ;)

And toss me in with the sheep, 'cause I look forward to it too. (Half syrup only).


Wow! Not everyone likes the same things? Who knew?!


So, I read Charles Passey's story the other day and I thought it was useless and a total waste of time (both on the reading end of it as well as the writing end of it.) That was two days ago but then I realized that the writer didn't hesitate to spend time knocking other people's creations down so I then decided he wouldn't mind if I did the same.


Duhh Everything tasted better when we were kids! Can you say campbells chicken noodle soup?!

Jeff Tom

Dear stupid reporter.

It is called PUMPKIN SPICE latte. Not PUMPKIN latte. There is a difference.

Happy to help. Since you trade in words, please consider another vocation.


Ugh, I agree. Just because something is called pumpkin "spice" does NOT mean it should only taste like spices. Would you expect apple cinnamon applesauce to only taste like cinnamon?? Of course not- pumpkin spice is the same way. I find it dreadful.


Dear Jeff Tom and Spence, I truly wish there was a "like" button or "thumbs-up" rating - because you two deserve it! :)


Why do people who admit beforehand that they hate the thing they're about to review get to print 'negative' reviews? What a useless review. Find someone to review it that's open-minded enough to actually give a product a fair shake, maybe?


I like them now that I figured out how to get less syrup. One pump in a tall is the perfect amount of flavouring.


I think its OK, but just OK. I much prefer the gingerbread latte at Christmas.

But in either case, I can't quite see getting all worked up if they are out, it is just a drink people, order something else. What do you drink the other 11 months of the year?

nerd gurrl

I'll admit I love the damned things. I stir first, they don't stir the java so the syrup settles. I also know which SB slightly over roasts vs totally burns the damned beans over roasts.
I buy the creamer that's psl flavored from stop and shop and add it to my trader joes brew. I like fair trade beans, cageless eggs, non steroid fed meat, makes me feel like less of a hypocrite ;)


Mmmmm. pumpkin chai. 2 pumps of each, no water and soy. its soooo good!
to bad i cant have it anymore. its not gluten free.

Amanda and Linda

I recommend 2 pumps pumpkin spice 2 pumps white mocha (for a grande)!


i like pumpkin drinks but i dont like starbucks that much, it has a strong bad-tasting aftertaste to it, like 5 years ago it was better, then 3 years ago or so it seemed to change the formula & it was much worse, and then the past couple years its gotten better but i still dont like it that much. other coffee-shops pumpkin is much better, especially a local pumpkin cheesecake flavor that is 100x better than starbucks.

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