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October 15, 2012


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Ashley Cooper

Think this news will hurt uk business big time. At a time of austerity big companies need to pull their weight not avoid responsibilities. I left SBUX 3 years ago and started my own business from my redundancy and it seems I have paid more tax! Howard should hang his head in shame!


Starbucks did not enact the tax laws.

James Connolly

No instead it benefited from the programs and infrastructure built with taxes without paying for it.

Basically it's theft from everyone.

Conservative Manager

Haha, The chickens come home to roost. Starbuck's panders to those who lean left, aaannnnddd then "avoid paying taxes".

Can the company and at 80% of it's employees stop trying to be so utterly self righteous and at least entertain the fact that STARBUCKS IS A BUSINESS. We exist to make money for our shareholders and they hoodwink you into thinking it's about "your neighborhood" and the Red campagin (which has been shown to be a slush fund for African warlords and dictators).

Grow up people and come out from under your rock!

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