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October 27, 2012


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baristabot (K model)

I once had a lady demand a sugar free Chai latte. We asked if she wanted it with just a tea bag since we couldn't make it sugar free from the concentrate and she insisted that "the other store" (I really want to know where these stores are ...) did it for her using the concentrate and she just would not hear otherwise ... I've had the same thing with green tea lattes, where people insist that there another store used the matcha powder for them but no sugar at all ...


I don't think matcha powder has sugar in it. That's why you use classic syrup. Technically it is sugar free.

psychic barista

matcha contains sugar. Its on the ingredients on the bag. I don't think it has alot, but it does have sugar :)


Some guy came in one time and said "I'll take an Iced Americano no espresso". Thinking he misspoke I said "no water?". He said "I said NO ESPRESSO". I replied "sir that's just a cup of ice water". Well as you all know "the other stores" do it all the time. I said do you mean decaf? He just stormed out. I still don't know what he wanted.

Someone ordered low fat chocolate soy whippe cream and was insistent we carried it.


I will start this by saying I know I was was wrong and did apologize afterwards, but a young, teenage girl came in and asked for a STCF. She said, I dont want it cold, I want it hot. I am the SM and was filling the RTD case and overheard the conversation and my barista was explaining that a STCF was a frozen blended beverage. She pitched the biggest fit. I mean 4 year old temper tantrum. He offered her steamed milk with strawberry sauce, yuck, offered every possible way to do this and as she continued to temper tantrum and the line behind her grew longer and longer and I looked up, introduced myself and tried to explain again. She then told me that as the SM I should know how to do my job. HEHE. I told her the next time she goes to mcdonalds to ask for a hot strawberry milkshake and see what she gets and then come back and let me know how she enjoyed it.


baristabot.....good name. That's how I feel at work. I often joke about it - moreso now with the new deployment; it's even more of a factory now.


Lol! I think these are people who are frustrated, and go into a cafe to have the people who work there "make everything all better" by giving them whatever they want.
They make the same impossible requests (or demands) that a tired, frustrated child would make.
It's almost as though they become confused, and regress back to childhood, expecting to find Mommy behind the counter.


Extra Hot Americanos. I will run the tap for 15 seconds to give you the hottest possible water and give you three cups for extra insulation, but I will not scald myself by steaming your water.


We had a lady come into our store everyday to order a venti, soy, no whip, extra hot, Pumpkin Spice Latte. Every day the 1st drink was never good enough, she would complain about something being "off" and demand another one. Some days the 2nd drink wasn't good enough either. Most days though, we would make her another and she would sit there with her 2 for 1 Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

I hated Autumn at Starbucks.


I had someone ask me for a 174 degree latte then proceeded to pull out her thermometer to check the temperature.
I also had another individual ask me for a kids apple juice with 3 and a half ice cubes...

Rachel Carriere

@Mike6545 The matcha powder actually does have sugar in it.


LOL a lot of these are just fussy orders, but not impossible.


RE: "The Other store..."

Next time a customer states "The Other store down the street/road/across town does this for me" ... then ask the customer WHICH store they are talking about and watch for their reaction. See if they can immediately answer you. If they struggle to think of where this "other store" is, five bucks says they are full of bullsh!t.


RE: Impossible/Fussy Order

Not really impossible as it "can" be done, but really should be not allowed (as it is incredibly wasteful)...

The store I used to work at had a customer that requested her Venti iced caramel macchiato "neat." Yes, that's right. She wanted her Ice in one venti cup, the cold milk and caramel sauce and vanilla syrup in the 2nd cup, and the espresso in a 3rd cup. This way her ingredients can be mixed, on demand, once she is done with her 30 mile commute to work.

Solution 1: Find a store closer to your work. I'm sure there is one unless you work in the mountains as a park ranger.

Solution 2: DRINK YOUR DRINK WHILE DRIVING TO WORK - so simple, anyone can do it!

Solution 3: One Word: Via.


Keeping up with the Fussy Order thread:

I present to you:

Decaf, Single-shot, Venti 2 and a half pump mocha, 1 pump vanilla, Nonfat, With Whip, No Drizzle, 191 degree HOT CHOCOLATE, double cupped.

Customer insists at "the other store" they charge her for a Venti Hot Chocolate add shot, instead of a mocha, add vanilla. The price difference is like 13 cents. Oiy.


The first time I had Starbucks was years ago when a co-worker brought me a Mocha Frappuccino in thanks for my help on a project. It was really good.

So a couple days later I went to Starbucks and told the barista "I don't know the name of the drink, but it was like a chocolate and coffee milkshake."

The barista rolled his eyes and told me to go to Arby's for a Jomocha shake if that's what I wanted.

Luckily his manager stepped in and figured out what I wanted. But I was sooooo embarassed. I felt like I'd failed some sort of special coffee shop test. I wasn't trying to be a difficult customer. I just didn't know what to call the drink.


One of our regulars orders a "1 pump mocha, 2 pump peppermint, 7 raw sugar, extra hot, no foam, with whip, extra stirred, quad mocha." and insists we only charge her for the one syrup. If we fail to comply she will go irate. And by a "regular" I mean every. single. day.


At my store we had a customer order a Venti Gingerbread Soy No Foam/No Whip Latte. We made it and she went on her way. About 15 minutes later she came back and said it didn't taste like gingerbread.

For the second drink we needed more gingerbread, so I got some down, and tried my best to get ALL the foam off. When I gave her her drink she said

"I saw you get the syrup down. Were you just too lazy to put it in the first time?"

No...it was in there :/

Then she tried her drink..


And in her fit of rage squeezed the cup so hard it exploded all over her car, iphone and little poodle and said to me "This is all your fault."

I am sorry I couldn't get every speck of foam off your damn soy latte.


I would always get customers ordering Caramel cappucinos instead of Frappucinos, So after several mistakes later I would always confirmed with customers of their drinks before making them, Then had issue Christmas week (busiest week ever) a customer requested 6 Venti Cappucinos my reply was you want those hot or cold (HOT! I said cappucino) I reply "you want the cappucino half milk half foam? (YES!thats what I want!) Finally, someone is ordering the right drink I thought to myself. 30 min later he walks angry holding all his drinks and said we gave him half his drinks. I explained you requested cappucinos he said yeah but the "other store always fills the milk all the way to the top" (Ah hello! that's a LATTE!)


ROFLMAO. This is the best post ever. I've got lots of stories.

1.- There's this woman who asks for a tall pike, four iced venti iced waters, and then, 30 (three, cero) receipts, and at the end, she grabs a uge stack of napkins and a buch of straws.

2.- There's this guy who asks for whatever kind of tea, and a tall cup of ice, he grabs just a couple of ice cubes, so, one day I started to fill the cup half the way, so he angrily complained, he didn't say half full, so I said I was sorry, topped up the cup, pass it to him, and off course he just took a couple of ice cubes off it.

3.- This lady once asked for a white mocha syrup cream, so I rung it as a syrup cream add white mocha syrup, she got so mad, and yelled me out how come was I charging for wm syrup, that it's inclued in the price since it's a syrup cream. I said, I am sorry, ringing in rinks is part of my job mam'. She dared to say: well you are doing your job wrong "at the other store" they never charge for the wm syrup. I was so upset I had to go off the floor.

4.- Girls who go with someone and the partner asks for, let's say, a grande pumpking spice latte, and the girl is. OH, can I actually get the same, but... wait, mine soy, and decaf, and have sweet... and no whip, but just a tall... Caramel Brulee instead, though. I am like WTF why did you say the same on the first place.

5.- The absolute winner, my store closes at 10:30 I close 5 days a week, this MF comes about 10:20 when everything is pretty much sanitized but the espresso machine; And asks for a grande, let's say French, and we are like, Oh sir, we are brewing christmas today would you like to have one of those instead? He is like, no I really want a french roast. Well sir, we don't have any opened bag of french roast, and besides that we are closing in ten minutes, if you want something stronger I can get you an extra shot americano for the same price, what would you said? I say I want a grande french roast, if you dont have any opened bags, go and get one, open it and make a pour over. Sure sir, if that's what you want. He never ever tips.

13 Year Barista Baby!

I had a woman come in and hand me a laminated card with 11 steps on it describing her frappuccino and how to make it. It was discusting to make...it had like 7 scoops of vanilla bean, 8 pumps of frappuccino base, and by the time you were done with it it filled almost two whole venti cups...I wanted to vomit when she told me I could keep the rest and try it because, well, you know, it's soooo good. Blech!

And another guy would come in, order a venti nonfat latte, but ask for one shot in the latte, and the other in a short cup on the side, and a venti cup of ice. Well, I watched him and he was dumping the side shot into the venti cup of ice and then filling it with half and half from the condiment bar. So finally one day I asked if I could just do that for him...and save all the cups and me having to refil the cream...he was embarrassed but said sure. Then he argued one day when he had a BOGO coupon...I said "You get BOGO every day, man!" More embarrassment.

The decaf button is my best friend, too...makes me feel better sometimes.


" The absolute winner, my store closes at 10:30 I close 5 days a week, this MF comes about 10:20"

God forbid a customer should come in and order while you're open!


I actually think it is terribly rude to go to a store and make a ridiculous request (via french roast man) when the business is closing so soon. I work at Starbucks, but I also respect that everyone has a life. I would not go to a clothing store ten minutes before close and ask to try on three outfits. Just be decent...

As a side note:
I follow a religion that has restrictions and I follow a very strict diet and I avoid foods that are not kosher. My co-workers all know that I cannot touch pig products.
Yesterday I was working and I was the floater while my manger was on his lunch break. A woman came in and asked for one of our sandwiches but insisted I take the bacon off it for her. My coworker was helping another customer and I said politely to the woman that I was unable to do that. She made a HUGE scene and came in later and asked my manager for a refund.
YES I know we have tongs, but I feel very strongly about this. I will do a lot for a customer but I will not go against my beliefs. I am a barista not a sandwich maker!


But technically at Starbucks ten minutes before close is actually 20 minutes before close, since we all follow the ten minute rule, right?

So why is everything except the espresso machine sanitized and out of used? Don't blame the customer, since this sounds like a store that simply isn't committed to customer service.

As for refusing to take pork off a sandwich... Either do it or have somebody else do it. I respect your religious beliefs, but if they prevent you from complying with a perfectly reasonable request from a customer, then you need to have somebody else do it. This was a fail on your part. Sorry.


@SarahB my god you are out of control.

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