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October 07, 2012


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Hurry up shoppers! There's only two and a half months left to do your Christmas shopping!

Daniel Rappaport

Well, this is special! I buy the Christmas blend VIA every year. Did you see that? Were there any other surprises worth noting?

If so, snap 'em, and let us know!

So far, great pics, and thank you so much!


Does anyone know when the red cups/Winter drinks will debut this year?


Sorry that's not in Starbucks but in Boots store. Great news is in the UK we got PSLs for the first time this year!


Can't say this for sure, but I'm willing to bet someone made a booboo and put out the wrong retail displays, unless the Irish Sbux are really jumping the gun.


Peppermint mocha Via. Buy them before the warehouse runs out!

No Name

I know that the Christmas Blend Coffees are SOS (Strict On Sale) and not to be sold in the US until 11/13/12.


The Christmas beverages come out on November 1st assuming the ingredients have arrived in your store. It's a soft start.


Also, Christmas Blonde Roast.

November 1 is when the red cups hit every year.

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