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October 11, 2012


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Venti Urnex Latte

It sounds to me that Starbucks PR has "Starbucks" on its google alerts, and happened to pass this one onward.

If the guy was complaining that his non-minty drink tasted minty, that is probably because a syrup pump used in mint syrup was later used in vanilla syrup. Nobody in my store seemed capable of putting pumps in the right flavors.

A pump tainted by mint will transmit tinge of mint to every subsequent drink.


(Schultz-worshipper Starbucks Melody is probably so jealous!)

Probably no truer words have been written here on this blog.


Whoop-dee-doo. The ultimate boss talked on the phone to one of his lowly peons. She should feel so graced that the man who ultimately profits from her work deigned to talk to her.


Did he apologize to her for looting her benefits and destroying the company's culture for his personal profit?

ex-ny barista

If I had a dollar for every time Howard was "in town" and "might be stopping by" the totally "high-profile" Manhattan & Brooklyn stores I worked at... I could buy a decent lunch, at least. Shocker: he never actually stopped by.

Barista Ben

I always take the "such and such" might stop by with a grain of salt. I figure, I just always do a good job and work hard to have a clean store - regardless of who may or (probably) may not show up.


I like it when Howard (or any senior leader) is in town. We actually get clean sweep the week before and labor/product the week of. Then he leaves and we have to cut labor to make up for all the extra labor for while he was in town. He has never stopped by my store.

formerly 134***4

Two years ago, Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics.

Two weeks before the main event in the city, Starbucks Canada invited Howard Schultz to come visit and get a special pair of red Olympic mittens that were all the rage. I was lucky enough to be able to go and listen to him speak - among 300 of my peers, store managers, district and regional managers.

As a leader, he was extremely engaging, extremely inspiring and when he finished speaking I was left with the impression that I WANTED to be the best damn barista I could be FOR HIM.

At the end of the speech, he opened the floor to questions.
I stood up. I am NOT a public speaker so I don't know what made me do that. But I was able to make him (and the entire room) laugh at a comment I made - I swear, it was completely accidental - and ask him a question that had been on my mind for a long time.

He gave me an answer that again inspired and informed, and I was glad for his forthrightness and honesty.

It wasn't a full close encounter, but it's definitely one that I won't ever forget, even after leaving the company in May.


I work at one of the many locations in Manhattan and about two months ago we were told that Howard was in the area and might be stopping by. We thought little of it as we'd heard the same before only to be disappointed. Sure enough about an hour later Howard and the area manager came in for a visit. I got to personally meet him and he was of course very friendly. I mean would you expect him to come visit and be mean? Regardless it was a nice experience and to those who say it doesn't happen you are wrong.


my rm would have fired me for putting up a homeless mans pictures. she had no heart.


formely 135***4

I was at that meeting too!! And I share the exact sentiments. He is so inspiring to me. That day was one of my personal highlights of working at starbucks. From the light in Howard's eyes (and the tackle the customer speech lol) to the unified slurp of all those partners during the coffee tasting!!!

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