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October 04, 2012


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Venti Urnex Latte

A slight quibble: PSL isn't really internet shorthand as much as Starbucks shorthand.

And the guy in the lede was in Manhattan but we get no explanation for why he didn't check out another store for his PSL. In Manhattan, there are usually a dozen within immediate walking distance of wherever you are.

Steve Marks

I was at a Honolulu store today and tried ordering a PSL to no avail. The barista said they were all out. I was a little bummed (but to be honest, my salted caramel mocha frappuccino quickly made me forget all about it.)


It was crazy grown adults having a tantrum huffing and puffing out the door...

FormerNY Barista

I cannot believe this is Page One news.


Life's to meaningful than to worry about a danm latte.

Starbucksgossip Webmaster

>> I cannot believe this is Page One news.

In fact it is!


Page one? After the presidential debate was on last night? Good to see correct priorities here.


What I found hilarious was the headline to the NY Mag blog entry on the story: "Anarchy Reigns As Starbucks Runs Low on Pumpkin Spice Latte"

Sue De Nimes

We've been running out of pumpkin spice on generally a weekly basis. Frankly as a long time barista the demand for pumpkin spice this year is astonishing. Stores with especially high sales of pumpkin spice have been running out regularly this year.

I don't think this is a store level issue and I don't think it's a corporate issue either. We're all trying to order up to the levels of the demand but the demand is simply increasing at an amazing rate.


Reminds me of a 105F day in August, Dallas Tx when these two situations happened in one day.
Customer- I want a grande PSL.
Barista - I'm sorry but that is not available this time of year.
Customer- But I WANT a PSL.
Barista, Mame, we don't have those until Sept.
Customer- BUT I WANT A PSL!
Barista- Mame, we don't have the ingredients to produce that beverage yet.
Customer- BUT I WANT A PSL!
Barista- I will make you anything else you want on the house sense you are disappointed that the PSL isn't available.
Customer- I don't want anything else, I WANT a PSL NOW!
Barista- Mame, I can not make you a PSL until the ingredients are available in the store.
Customer- How irresponsible of YOU to not have what I want, when I want it. YOU should be fired immediately. (storms out the door)

A couple of hours later,
Customer- I want a venti eggnog latte.
Barista- I'm sorry but that beverage is not available until closer to Thanksgiving.
Customer- I want a eggnog latte.
Barista- I will make you anything else for you apparent disappointment and it will be on the house today.
Customer- I can't you can't get me what I want, TODAY.
Barista- Mame, if you don't find eggnog in the grocery store at this time of year, you will not find it available in any Starbucks either.
I guess she thought if she got a eggnog latte in Aug the temp would drop to 40F.
Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.


customers love to FREAK OUT about pumpkin spice and would literally buy it year 'round. yet starbucks decides to knowingly short us in the name of cutting costs. customers have been complaining - whining, yes, i can't believe it either, but if we're advertising to customers a seasonal beverage, and other dedicated customers know us for having this beverage, shouldn't we at the very least be able to offer it to them?!

thanks for constantly screwing up, and letting your dedicated baristas/shifts deal with taking the bullcrap.


and the Pumpkin Spice via shortage (to put it mildly) is a bit confusing. I mean who would have suspected a pumpkin flavored coffee product would prove to be popular...

Mr. Who

@Justan It isn't cost savings. Demand for Pumpkin Spice is 37% higher than anticipated; we literally don't have enough sauce produced to keep up with the demand.

UK PSL drinker

havent heard of any PSL shortage in the UK as of yet

Barnes & Noble Members get 10% off

Plenty of PSL sauce at your local Barnes & Noble Cafes! Come on in :)

If you are a Barnes & Noble member you get 10% off on all Starbucks drinks... remember the old Black "Gold" card that they took away from you? It's still possible at B&N... same Starbucks drinks, same Starbucks recipes, same Starbucks ingredients.

See you soon lemmings.


I think this is a shortage at a distribution center. We get stuff from Nashville and we have cases of the stuff in our store. At the rate we use, 3-4 bottles a day, we are covered for two weeks.


Anyone know when the red cups/Holiday drinks will start this year?


New Braunfels, Texas, one Starbucks in town. Out of PSL. However, there are at least half a dozen locally owned coffee shops that do not advertise a specific product, have you stand in a ridiculously long line, and then tell you when you finally, thirstily, reach a barista that they are out of said product. I won't settle for less than what I want no matter how you inconvenience me Starbucks. I choose to spend my money elsewhere.

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