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October 31, 2012


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Already got a Starbucks Red Christmas Cup this morning...on Halloween.


Barista Ben

That whole website is just confusing and wrong.

Joe Siegler

The Starbucks around me have been serving Red cups for the last three days.

Jeff Tom

Cups, and advent calendar, along with Thanksgiving roast, available today in US


That's funny, in Warsaw, Poland I've seen the red cups about two weeks ago. They said the delivery did not get them standard grande cups so they had to use the Christmas ones.

Jeff Tom

Question: Eggnog latte. They cut the eggnog with 2% right? Can I request just plain eggnog, with no additional milk? I know it is a b*tch to steam, but I am curious to try it.


@Jeff Tom
Yes, you can request straight eggnog....its awesome, especially if you get it in a no water Tazo Chai!!!

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