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November 12, 2012


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Where is this person? We had our decorations up almost two weeks ago ...

Starbucksgossip Webmaster

Don't know where he/she is, but the person posted this today -- Nov. 12 -- on Reddit.

Jeff Tom

Ah, the annual whining about too early. Sorry. About normal time, more or less.

And yes, Seattle stores all put theirs up this evening.

Xmas blonde is not bad. Xmas roast is pretty good. No idea about Espresso.

Barista Ben

The launch, for US stores, is today. I think Canada and other places (Europe?) launched two weeks ago. It is because we have a "soft launch" and put out Thanksgiving blend, which they don't really have for Canada / UK if I have heard correctly.

B&N or Bust

The decorations and coffee were SOS (strict on sale) for November 13th... anyone who put up stuff or sold product before that date is not following the company directed plan and should be disciplined (by being forced to listen to "Pour Your Heart Into It" on audiobook for 2 days) or worse.


I work at a B&N and we've been playing Xmas music for a couple of weeks at least. Not ALL of the music, but at least one CD gets mixed in every 5-disc rotation.

And yet, they're ALL better than the JBiebs we have to play. It could be worse!!

And whenever a customer says "Christmas music ALREADY??" I say "What do you mean already? We've been playing this since last Christmas!" and wink. They usually think it's at least moderately funny. :D


We launched Holiday at the same time last year. It isn't any different. There was only one year in the last 5 or 6 years that we launched after thanksgiving.


Here in Canada, we have had our Holiday decorations, products and beverages out since November 2nd......now, THAT'S early.

fun n' foamy

First. Who is this partner? Clearly, they missed the store holiday meetings talking about the promotion. Second, as a twelve year partner, it happens at this time every single year. One exception was a Black Friday launch, which failed miserably. Whiners.


I am so sick of people and the "it's too early" brigade. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! I know for some, x-mas is a sad time of year, but it's meant to be a happy time of year! Early, yes, so what - it's retail!! What do you expect?? Am I alone here?

"Holiday"...what Holiday?

GET OVER IT!! The argument that early retail holiday promos ruins the season is almost as dead as Christmas itself.

I used to work at Hallmark before I worked at Starbucks. Ornament Premiere is in July every year...imagine the faces of customers who'd walk in a hot summer day and hear "Winter Wonderland" playing in the store...if they could have their way businesses would have every season be "Holiday Season".

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