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November 09, 2012


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Since when does sbux sell alc. Beverages??

Jeff Tom

Select markets, for the last few years.


In my market, there were extensive coffee tastings that occurred to "audition" to get into the store. The beer/liquor was a minor part of the action, but you should get your OLCC license before you ask to transfer to expedite the process. Think original pairings, like Blue Mountain & Spinach Feta Wrap, and think iced or hot, and you should be golden.

AFAIK these concepts almost always have a Clover installed, so you should familiarize yourself with the Clover as well.

Finally, those stores get bang-up tips but have seriously weird hours & oftentimes more dangerous clientele. The store in my market is in a posh, gentrified area, but it still fights with very belligerent and angry individuals who aren't necessarily healthy, trying to get free wine/coffee from the store. It'd almost be better if these stores, at least in my market, were more neighborhood—being downtown and in a shopping place like that actually does create a bit of a safety hazard for Baristas. Also, AFAIK, they are all black, so wearing all black to your interview should help. :)

I know some of the ones in Seattle have manual tamps...?

Good luck! I'd really like to work in our concept, too. :)


In my area, they have Wine/Beer in stores without Clover. We were told this was keeping in mind what stores could use a renovation and whether there was access to alcohol in the area. No partners under 21 allowed, not able to drink if you work at the location even off the clock. Not particularly competitive in my area, but it has only been introduced recently. You may ask yourself what do you stand to gain by working here vs. other Starbucks concepts? I don't see the marginal benefit to working in a "Tramonto" store.


There is no benefit. No increase in pay. Our tip-rate is flat/unchanged. Just the caché to say you work in an evening

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