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November 28, 2012


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Loved it... it's so true... the higher the grown bean, the region and soil has a lot to do with the taste. But the best is in Hawaii. That region Won’t sell to Starbucks.. Most of Starbucks coffee beans come from the same places the cheap coffee comes from. Do you really think they could keep up with the high cost or price of the bean.. Hell no Starbucks sell’s the cheap coffee by putting a fancy name on it. And people just go its Starbucks and pay whatever. Dumb A**es…
OMG… it’s got to be great Coffee its Starbucks and they wouldn’t tell us wrong. It’s like the once a year they get this pee bean and make this out to be some big deal… it’s a stunted growth bean because of the time of year its picked. (Don’t tell anyone I told you this.) Do some research on Coffee and you can be smarter than most of the Partners or Company big wigs..

Look for the different grow regions. The lower to the true ground the nastier the coffee.

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