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November 10, 2012


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I wish my problems could be as simple as this. If a guys biggest problem in life is not getting his coffee..ask him if he wants to trade. We had no power for 2 days, so our SB was closed. Some employes lost homes snd power, yet when we opened, travel issues forced us to open late. Some of these elitist idiots actually complained UNBELIEVABLE.


The fact that that guy thinks he NEEDS a pumpkin spice latte says it all - humanity has failed itself.

Ms. Barista

A better comment on humanity might be why was Starbucks open in the first place? As a former "partner" I worked in lots of bad weather. While we did close early for storms, we were open a longer than we should have been. The main criteria seemed to be how many customers were still coming in.


This just proves the partners lives mean less than getting a drink , doesn't shock me at all


I worked in a double-sided drive-through for quite some time, and we worked the better part of a blizzard, walking out into the snow to get to the cars and back. I wore 2 coats, a pair of fingerless gloves, a huge scarf and a hat, and was chastised multiple times for "snotting" on my scarf as I huffed through the snow to the vehicle.

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