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November 04, 2012


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This usually happens once they get to the last/bottom of the box of Soy. I try not to use the last of it, considering it does this to drinks.



Refuse to shake the soy milk? Weird. I shake the soy milk every time I use it. Even says on the carton to shake the soy milk.


They're not soy drinkers and it's because Sbux soy is especially chunky.


Clearly this photo was taken at somebody's home, so who knows how long it was sitting around?

I <3 music

First world problem Dan


We have a huge list of things to worry about while working and sometimes we just forget to shake the soy. Just ask the partner who is ringing to write "Shake the soy box" in the custom box so they don't forget.


PNWpartner, everybody who has a job has a huge list of things to worry about while working. If I am ordering a drink with soy milk I shouldn't have to ask you to shake the box any more than I should have to specify that you make the drink the appropriate temperature according to the recipe or include the standard number of pumps of syrup.

Any partner who can look at that dink & come up with any sort of excuse as to why it was okay to serve it to a customer has never actually tasted the difference. Shortcuts like that might make you think you are saving time, but that sort of laziness results in gross drinks that will drive customers away from your store.


A customer told me it's protien and people want it at my store. Cant make everyone happy lol


Posted by: Kitty | November 04, 2012 at 06:38 PM

Clearly this photo was taken at somebody's home, so who knows how long it was sitting around?

This. How long was that Soy drink sitting in your car on your way home from Starbucks? Cause I highly doubt the you OR the barista wouldn't have noticed that in store and poured the drink into a new cup without the beading at the bottom.

Uh oh


Or most deformed cup of all time.


Uh oh is right. The bottom part after the ridge is waaaaay to long. This is photoshopped.


It actually looks like a Barne&Noble Cafe iced venti cup. Theirs are wider towards the bottom, and shorter in height. Would also explain the tiny script towards the bottom left.


No cup markings? Home made drink?

Julia Garson

I Get Starbucks fraps with soy every time I go to Starbucks! And this has never happened to me so the only way this could of happened was that you left this out for too long or you just don't like the taste of soy milk! Maybe you should try something with regular milk or just stop going to Starbucks in general because you obviously don't like Starbucks! Other then this photo I love your blog!


That stuff does not dissolve back into the milk once it has formed. Just ask them to remake your drink. By asking them to remake it you are conditioning the barista to check for it to avoid having to make the same drink twice.


Wow I didn't realize my picture would end up on this site.

1) Yes, this was taken at my house. I live 5 min away from my local store, so I bought it and drove home. I was in the kitchen so I could strain out the soy chunks.

2)This happens often, I usually forget to mention it to them when they are making it so I'm not an annoying customer. However, tweeting about it is pretty annoying too... Oh well.

3) You really think that someone would photoshop soymilk chunks into the bottom of a cup? The only reason I took the picture was it was much worse than usual. I think I have another picture from a different angle from the same day.

4) Sometimes my local store is too lazy to mark both cups - I usually order two iced venti no-classic soy iced coffees.


PNWpartner: we are actually bombarded with a ridiculous set of extra super-duper A+ standards. I've worked in two other markets and they are APPALLED at the level of work we're expected to do, even at the barista level——and still manage to shake the soy every damn time.


Julia if you get fraps you wouldnt see the chunks!!! i think it's over steamed soy myself


Im not sure what causes soy chunks. I shake the soy box every time I make a soy drink. It is completely random when it happens, at my store anyway. I've seen it happen with freshly opened, half used, chilled, and room temp soy cartons. The soy isnt bad and wont cause any harm, nor does it change the taste. It just looks really gross and has a funky feeling in the mouth.

annoyed by soy

I have been dealing with this for years! Just got one this morning which prompted my Google search. It does not happen because the soy is old. It does not happen only at Starbucks (although it is very common there) . It is NOT because soy coagulates in cold drinks (as I was told by the non Starbucks barista culprit today, and have been told before) . Because of the consistency of soy milk - and often almond and coconut milk - it simply needs to be shaken before being used in a drink. I have spent far too many hours baffled by all the possible breakdowns in communication that could complicate such a simple solution to the point it no longer even an option!!

Bottom line for me : I don't care if you don't drink soy. I have made plenty of drinks for people that I don't drink, and it's no excuse to make them badly. Shake the damn soy!

If you get a chunky soy drink, ask them to put it in a shaker and shake it by hand. If they won't, or don't have a shaker, ask for a new drink with shaken soy.

If you manufacture or package soy milk, make your entire label the words "SHAKE ME! " in the largest font possible.

If you are one who does not want your soy shaken, please hold your tongue. ;-)

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