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December 23, 2012


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I bought one today and tried to use it today but the barista at my Starbucks seemed to not know about the deal. I speed her the inductions on my phone on how to use it but she didn't seem to follow then. She wasnt able to get the discount or use the e gift barcode from my phones screen to activate it. So she just have me the drink for free.

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

I had better luck at the downtown Evanston, IL store. The transaction was swift and painless -- and a Bistro Box and tall coffee were only $6.10 including tax.

Barista Ben

Yeah I felt this was gonna be a bit of a tough rollout. It can be hard to explain these to our less tech savvy partners.


I just bought one and can't wait to try it! Does anyone know if I can only get the discount by using that eCard or if I register it, can I use any of my other registered cards and get the discount?


I got mine yesterday and immediately added it to my Starbucks account, then transferred the $10 to my gold card. Then I took the coupon to a Starbucks in south Seattle and got my 20% discount on my coffee order. The barista tried to keep the coupon after applying my discount, but I told her it's good through the end of the year.

It's a nice little discount!

Michael.. your typo gave me a chuckle this morning. "I speed her the inductions...".



WOW! Another case of Starbucks rolling something out with less than adequate thought given to the details- LIKE NOTIFYING BARISTAS ON HOW TO ACTUALLY GIVE CUSTOMERS THE DISCOUNT! Is anyone really surprised by Starbucks lack of planning?

As an aside- Has anyone come in with a Christmas/Holiday 2012 multi pack of gift cards (sold at Walmart) and ordering a beverage- requested their FREE SOY, AND SYRUP? (It says right there on the NEW cards that the recipient receives these items when purchasing those gift cards!)


OK, so I have to ask the barista to enter the discount code each time. Didn't know that so this morning's purchase was undiscounted. At least I know now...

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

About half the baristas I've dealt with using this voucher know what it's about, while the others are puzzled. One said: "I think you have to use that at Amazon." Um, no....


Can you buy the mocha powder in stores? If so, I may get this.



It's been on the portal for about a week.


Snowy, you get 20% off all regularly priced purchases. You can use it on beverages, food, coffee, tea, mugs, select brewing equipment, and more.

It is not valid towards the purchase of Verismo System, Starbucks Cards, or alcoholic beverages.

Hmmm...I didn't know Starbucks sold alcohol.


How do you print out the discount card? Is it attached to the confirmation?

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

Skoggie, I have it on my iPhone and just show the barista every time I use it. The coupon tells them which discount code to punch on the register. I guess you can print the coupon off your computer and show it to the barista.

Rick M

I was completely disappointed with this Amazon card and Discount. My wife purchased this as a gift for me, specifically to purchase me the January mug/ tumbler.

When she tried to use the card and discount code at Starbucks, the woman waiting on her couldn't get the code to work, the woman first tried to claim the Amazon card/discount could not be applied. She stated she would have to "call Seattle" to get clarification. However, when my wife said, ok, the woman had a deer in the headlights look and had to look up a number (obviously this was a bluff on her part thinking no one would call her on it). Then when she came back, she said that Corporate headquarters would not allow her to sell it with the discount.

This morning, frustrated, my wife called Starbucks corporate. First, they disconnected her. Then when she finally spoke to a representative they left her on hold for over 15 minutes while they tried to resolve the issue.

The corporate office then said that the discount could not be applied. Yet when confronted with the fact that on the Amazon code it only excluded "Verisomo systems, gift cards or alcoholic beverages" the representative had no reasoning nor justification.

I am sorely disappointed with this company.

Scott J

Re: Rick M's problems with trying to use the discount with the January mug/tumbler... The first time I tried to use the 20% discount was with a regular brewed coffee with my own mug (which gives me a 10-cent discount). The barrister tried entering the code, but the discount wouldn't register. Then, she tried entering the code without the 10 cent "bring your own mug" discount, and it went through.

Checking the coupon, I confirmed that it "cannot be combined with other offers or discounts." In your case, the January "free brewed" mug must be showing up as a special offer. It's too bad that someone at the store or at the corporate offices couldn't have articulated this.


I want to share my experience using the 20% discount.

My regular Starbucks store had no problem giving me the discount. However, my husband and I decided to share a latte, so we swung by a different Starbucks and went thru the drive-thru window. I knew the balance on the coupon was gone, so I gave the barista the printed coupon for the discount plus my gold card to pay for the drink.

This store did not know how to apply the coupon. The manager on duty kept insisting it wasn't valid on drinks. I knew she was wrong, and I tried telling her that. I also told her to try scanning the coupon, she said that didn't work. She told me the $10 balance was gone and the coupon was no good. Even insisting the "corporate letter" on this coupon backed up what she was telling me.

Keep in mind, my husband was driving and she was telling me all this out the window and across my husband to me on the passenger side. Several times she asked me to speak up cause there were a lot of customers in the store. After several minutes of this back-and-forth exchange, I gave up. Actually, my husband was mortified by all this, and finally told her to just give us our drink and forget the discount. It was a busy day and there were quite a few cars behind us.

Well the manager did give us our drink, but she charged my gold card the full price, no discount.

I was really furious. Especially since the latte was lukewarm and not very good. Maybe it was just because I was angry, but even my husband commented how bad it was.

Anyway, I decided to call the store and get the manager's name. She answered the phone and was very reluctant to talk to me. She told me the coupon didn't work! She said she even tried calling another store and that other store verified what she told me (it wasn't valid on drinks). I think she was bluffing with that story and I called her on it. I asked her for the phone number of the store she called and suggested she call MY regular store as they knew how to use it. I asked her to call me back after she talked with them.

She then proceeded to cry and asked why I was trying to get her fired, that all she was trying to do was to help me get the discount. Help me? huh? I assured her I wasn't calling corporate on her, I just wanted her to validate and acknowledge the fact I was right - and she was wrong. I was actually quite calm on the phone, she's the one who was upset.

Meanwhile, I called the store she supposedly called, and of course they said yes, the coupon was valid on drinks. I asked if they received a call from her, they said No.

Well, the manager did call me back and reluctantly said I was right and she now had the code needed to give me the discount.

She asked me to come back to the store and she would give me the discount and a free drink.

More curious than anything, I actually went back to the store and here's what she did for me:
1) She refunded me the full price for the drink I ordered.
2) She gave me two free drink coupons and said they were "good anywhere". Was this her way of encouraging me not to use it at her store?

What she didn't do? She didn't apologize. Not once. No "I'm sorry", nothing. Not one word of apology.

I have not called Corporate to pursue this further. I think it's done. However, I have told this story to friends and family - and nobody could believe the barista took it this far.

What I think should have happened. When she couldn't figure out how to use the code - give me the discount anyway and figure it out later.

How do you think I (as a customer) should have dealt with this situation?


In every single Starbucks I went into over the weekend, I had to remind the barista to enter the code before scanning the card. No one knew about this promotion!


I had similar experiences. I tried using this at two stores and nobody knew what it was. The first time she couldn't figure out how to ring up the discount, and there was a long line behind me, so I just paid for the order without and wrote Starbucks Customer Service, who later refunded the amount onto my card.

The second time (different store) the barista didn't seem to know what it was at first, but figured out how to ring up the discount.

This was a clumsy promotion and not executed very well by Starbucks.

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