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December 02, 2012


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My store has 24. In downtown Chicago.


We have 24. Indiana.

Jeff Tom

Got mine tonight (licensed store).


We received 96 in DT Boston. So many, so little room...


The smal store I'm at in Seattle has 10 on display.


I asked our friendly Starbucks folks yesterday to see if it was even worth trying today. They received 8. In Downtown Baltimore. Near a major hospital complex, law school, dental school, pharmacy school, and many large employers.



I'm a customer, and I bought 2 tumblers. One for myself, and one as a Christmas gift. I'm in the Seattle area (Renton), and this particular Starbucks had a table full of tumblers, so it looks like they got a pretty good supply.

I just feel lucky I got 2 of them. I have one question about them. Are they still eligible for free refills on the gold card? Just curious.

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

I bought my tumbler at the downtown Evanston store at 5:15 a.m. It was the first one sold -- and the only one sold when I left the store 3 hours later. It appears the tumbler is a deal at $20 (last year's price), but not one at $30, at least for most people.


Free refills on a gold card are free refills regardless of what cup you put it in...


I ended up buying two from the store I visited in downtown Seattle. I was mistaken when I earlier commented that they only had 10. They actually had 12 on the display table.

I arrived at the store just after 4 am because the store opened at 4:30. I was the only one there, aside from the two employees waiting for the manager to open the store. When I asked the employees about the cups, they seemed unaware of the promotion and said "you seem to know more than we do." So a big thanks goes to this site for helping keep everyone informed. I wouldn't have otherwise known that this was the day to grab the mugs.

When the store opened, I grabbed two of the mugs and three people showed up about five minutes later. I had expected there to be a line waiting for the store to open, but the reality was that people just seemed to arrive at their usual time. But the mugs did seem to go fast, at least in the short time that I was in the store.


The Starbucks next to my workplace in Central Mass had a display of them, plus some next to the cash registers. At 10 AM, they a lot left. Didn't look like they were going fast at all. I bought one.


will this also work for iced coffee?


We ordered extra. When I left work at 2pm, there were still about 15 left.


I'm guessing they're doing way more this year to quell all the angry people who didn't get one?

I also don't believe it works for iced coffee. At least it didn't last year.

Super barista

I'm a barista. My store got 14 I believe, and I did have one gentlemen come buy one very early on, but he was about it for us. When I left today after a 6 hour shift we still had a number of them.

Super barista

Also, no it will not work for iced coffee. The mugs are good for the "fresh brewed coffees" which are hot.


In Green Bay, a pretty small location had at least 20-30 on display still at 1:30 p.m. and had only sold four or five before mine.


In my whole area of north Chicago ALL stores were sold out after morning rush. My store got 18 and we were sold out by 830am. Lots of phone calls asking if we had any left all day.


We didn't get the tumblers in Canada this year:-( we got buy a pound of Christmas blend get a $5 Starbucks card instead.


We sold out of them prior to me leaving around noon time; my friend, who closed, told me that they had people continually calling in to see if we had any left... By her count, we could have easily sold through at least forty more.


I was at my neighborhood store around 6:30PM and they had 15-20 tumblers on display. The barista tried to convince me to buy one, but $30 is too much. Last year's price was much more reasonable. Also, this year's tumbler was kind of ugly.

What happens to the tumblers that don't sell?

Barista Ben

We had 12, with 6 left after I went home at 4pm. That's about the same as last year. It took us about a week later to sell them all.


My store in Kalamazoo had 14 at first, and today when I went and got one they had 7 left. Sounds like a good deal. Not a bad tumbler either.

Greg Matusic

Any idea if they're good for tea as well? They were last year, but I recall the deal being for "brewed beverages" and not specified as coffee as the tumblers are this year. Maybe a barista or store manager has the inside info on this. Grabbed one for my wife and one for myself on Saturday in Albany, NY near Albany Med. I even told the barista they weren't supposed to go on sale until Monday, but he didn't seem concerned. Those were the only two they had in stock btw. Purchased two more at 5:30am at the Albany, NY Western Ave store Monday morning as gifts. There were at least ten more on the shelf.


It's good for a grande hot coffee only.

Coffee Soldier

Got about 50 in NH and still have 30 of them!

Jeff Tom

went to a store tonight that still had 10 or so on the shelf....

The Man of Steel

Forget this tumbler... I want my $450 STEEL Starbucks Card!! They are only making 5000 total :) Can't wait to turn those pretentious bastards down at my Barnes & Noble.


Still have a bunch left over, only sold half of our allotment

Barista Brown

A few days later, and we STILL have them to sell. We still have a whole box in back that we will sell too.


I bought one, reconsidered it because brewed coffee is not my go to drink, and returned it. They seem to be on all the shelves of every store I have been to. I think the higher price is a bit of a turn off.


Iced coffee is BREWED coffee.. We brew it fresh and then ice it down.. think about it!
And yes, it is good for Ice Coffee...


I went to a mall Starbucks and they had at least 30


Two stores in the Phoenix area had loads of tumblers left this weekend. And last year they sold out in hours!


We got so many! And we didn't sell very many at all. Too spendy.


Just bought one today, had two left at the store I was at.


I'm at a LaMesa,CA store, these tumblers are filling an entire shelf. Probably 16 or so. I bought one last year at $20 for a gift, this year the $30 price tag seemed not so worth it.

Ex fl barista

My local store had at least 10 of them in a basket the other day when I visited.

Daniel Baronofsky

The giant Harvard Yard Starbucks in Cambridge, MA still had about 6 out on the shelf for display late in the day on January 1st. I have the feeling that this store got a ton of them. I went in and got a dark roast in the mug I bought the first day they went on sale. The barrista was a bit confused on how to ring it up this year since there is no discount code in the fine print on the mug this time...

Greg Matusic

FYI: According to Starbucks customer service the tumbler is good for tea as well.


The Starbucks in Oregon City, OR had a basket full of these mugs available in late December. I don't know where they came from, but it seems like the mugs weren't as hard to come by this year as they were last time around.


WTF does "people abused the shit out of that mug last year." MEAN?

They drank too much coffee? When you buy an all you can drink mug, how does that get abused?


FYI, I've gotten a iced coffee in this mug every day so far at random starbucks, some of them give me a hassle about it, then i just say... well I've gotten an iced coffee in it every where else every previous day and they just give it to me


It's not an all you can drink mug. The promotion clearly stated 1 coffee per mug per day. Not that you can track who drinks how many cups, but some days people demand I fill their tumbler multiple times after leaving the store for an hour and coming back

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