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December 13, 2012


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We've only sold a couple and we have some pretty affluent customers at our store. I think the problem is Starbucks isn't about the drinks anymore, it's about the status. People don't care about saving money or time making subpar knockoffs of our beverages at home, money isn't an object to them.

Mark S / @Skram

As a customer, I'd probably buy in a heartbeat if they had non-fat or at least low-fat milk pods since my usual drink is a skinny latte. I do realize they released an electronic frother too but at that point the whole convenience trade-off gets murky and I start to question if I should get a nespresso or k-cup compatible machine instead.

Any thoughts from the community?

Milk Matters

Lets just come out and say it... the lattes made by this machine are TERRIBLE tasting AND expensive. $4 for a 16 ounce latte (2 coffee pods and 2 milk pods at $1 a piece) and it tastes like it was made from powdered milk because it IS powdered milk. No one wants to make the drinks at home Starbucks. The only way these things will sell is if they are purchased as GIFTS for someone else. Then it is up to them to buy the pods... which they wont... because the drinks are... TERRIBLE.


Skip the milk pods and microwave some fresh milk.


This whole Verismo thing is just reminding me of the Sirena fiasco.

Barista Ben

I like the brewed coffee and the espresso pods. The milk tastes sxactly like what it is - powdered milk. Starbucks has spoiled me on ease of access to any milk I want.


a big problem is that the target market for these type machines aren't likely to be regular in-store Starbucks customers and hence more likely to see Keurigs (and their pods), etc. in various stores that they frequent and more likely to buy those machines.

Personally, I love lattes; but also love the instore experience and as for brewed coffee, I haven't tried the Verismo yet, but hard to think it'll be able to compare to my french press's quality. So its a no go for me.


I love the espresso this thing makes, but I can buy an actual espresso machine for less than $150, even.

I'm supposed to demo this thing in my store on Sunday and I'm dreading it. :/


@KDH: Don't worry, demoing isn't that bad. People don't frequently buy but they're usually curious. At our store we are asking what a person's usual drink is and then throwing in something appropriate for free if they buy the machine; e.g. a box of chai, a bottle of syrup, etc. You could ask your manager if you could do the same because $10 isn't much when someone is buying a $150 machine. Good luck! :)


What is the return policy for the Verismo? We are not that thrilled with it and it is overpriced (price point should really be around $79 IMO). The receipt says we have until the beginning of February to return it?


Thanks! I appreciate all the luck I can get. I've used the thing twice and I didn't know the first time about rinsing it after *everything* you do, and I couldn't figure out why all it was spitting out was hot water...lmao

Mr. Festerbestertester

We sold out of machines at my store today. 4 machines sold today and one sold yesterday. One store in my district sold 20 of them since the promo began. They seem to be pretty popular in my area.


In my store we've sold 32 machines so far. We use a shot glass to show how awesome the shot is. We also ordered up on the milk frothiers. So far most people have bought both. Because with the milk pods.. after buying those 6 times you've paid off the frothier, but with it you began to save money after 6 times. This is has been a selling point for us. A lot of customers are high-end well to do, and to them- having this machine on their counter is a status piece.

Also @brastianon, throwing in those freebies is considered a fireable offense. It's not ethical nor does not withhold our core principles as a company. I'd be careful using that. Your sm could lose their job over it too.. Makes the freebie not so free anymore..


I would rather have a real espresso machine than a knockoff Keurig.


Its a knock off of the Nespresso. ALDI Australia has them on sale for around 80 US bucks. Is it a coincidence that Starbucks pulled out of Australia a few years back in that this machine is not sold in any other outlet other than Starbucks.


We've found more success highlighting the espresso portion (which is actually fair to good) than the ability to make milk.

short drip

Ground coffee in 1 lb bags, VIA instant coffee, breakfast with no smell, and now powdered milk? Why would someone who pays 5.00 for a high quality latte want to buy a cheap knock off that uses powdered milk? I hear Howard Cussing right now.

Ben is right. They will sell in Walmart or similar.

SM's: Post your return policy so your seasonal baristas can speak intelligently when all the Verisimo's start to come back


We taste it side by side with a handcrafted beverage... the machine tastes watered down. No thanks!!


Personally, I think people complain too much. I was skeptical after reading some negative reviews. "It doesn't brew hot enough." "It's too loud." "The milk tastes funny." So I went into a store where they let me try it out. It was not loud, rather quiet actually, it was plenty hot, (i had to let it cool before drinking), and I thought it tasted great. I went TO a Starbucks the next morning for my morning cup, and tasted the same as what I had the day before. And for the neigh sayers that want more, such as low fat or no fat milk, I say, give it time. This is still a new product. When DVD players were first introduced, could you get every movie you wanted on DVD right away? Frankly, I cannot wait until Christmas morning when my girlfriend opens up her brand new Verisimo, and we can make some latte's! If you are skeptical like I was, go to a store and take it for a test drive. Just like you would a car!


For those who would like a real single serve espresso machine with real milk froth, I would suggest the new Keurig Rivo. It's excellent. Currently it's only available at Bloomingdale's. Should be more widely available early 2013.

Grande Latte

They make a great cup of coffee. The lattes are so so. I just gave the freebie they gave us managers to my mom. The pods are way too expensive even with my discount, and I'm not going to waste my markout on them when I can get a pound of coffee instead.
If they don't do something with this platform soon it will die. It is far too limited in what it can make at this point.


I love the concept unfortunately the temperature in the 580 we have is unacceptable, clearly not hot enough for latte or coffee. I have a Keurig sitting beside it and the Keurig is far superior to the Verismo for a hot/normal cup of coffee. The cup temperature measured 20-25 degrees below that of the Keurig.

So, I called the warranty service line and they said it needed descaling. I ran through the process and still the same issue. The latte, espresso, or simple cup of coffee is far from enjoyable due to low temperature. I'll call back again and hopefully have the unit swapped. If that doesn't fix the issue the I'm sure I'm not the only person with this problem and Starbucks has a huge issue on its hands by putting their name on this far inferior product.


we have had two "explode" while we demo''d them. they are not good machines. overpriced coffee pods, and only 2% milk is a deal breaker for most of our customers.
buy nespresso coffee is superior, you can use any milk, pods are recyclable, and cost a lot less.


How is the Tassimo machine for making espresso shots? A family member says they love their Tassimo and that machine is considerably cheaper and the variety of drinks is far superior to the Verismo.
We are thinking of returning our Verismo. We like the convenience of making our cinnamon dolce lattes at home (which is OK from the Verismo as long as we heat our own milk and don't use those nasty milk pods).
Is this "19 bars of pressure" from the Verismo really necessary for espresso?
Has anybody compared the Tassimo and Verismo?


I don't like them. They are junk! Give me my Keurig any day!

Grande Latte

As I said in an earlier post, I gave my company issued Verismo to my mom. I supplied her with a bunch of pods for both coffee and lattes. She thinks the machine is a piece of crap, and she got it for free! Imagine being suckered into paying a couple hundred bucks for a cheaply made machine that has very narrow capabilities. I just bought a Keurig and I LOVE it. It makes a fine cup of coffee.

Just a barista

Sorry, this is a little off-topic, but I have a question about the pods for our older espresso machines. Is it my understanding that we no longer sell them? I could not find them on starbucks.com either. Do our customers have any way to use their older machines without the starbucks pods?

Misty Gold

Starbucks just lost me! How could you?! Sent me an offer to get a 25$ gift certificate for takeing a survey. Not only did the survey freeze 3/4 into it, but within minutes I started receiving email spam- insurance,no less! Really? You don't make enough money as it is?
You're a greedy pig!,,,,,

Steve Hansen

Please tell me there is some way to increase the temperature....!?!?!

Coffee tastes good but if I put any milk in it at all it is too cold???


I got the versimo for xmas and although it works good, I do not like that the system uses its own starbucks versimo pods instead of the regular and widely available K-cups. I think its stupid that starbucks had to try to corner the market by creating their own pods. I would much rather use a system that uses K-cups because I can get them in so many different flavors from many different companies. Even now, I am considering buying a Keurig instead of using the versimo.


I forgot to say that I got the versimo as a xmas gift and I am soooo glad I didnt waste any money on this machine. I wish my friends got me a keurig instead. Its sad that this was a gift and I still would prefer to use something else. The coffee and espresso are both not hot enough too.


My wife used to work at Starbucks and really wanted one of these machines. I was always hesitant due to the cost of the pods and no apparent competition with anyone else for them.. so I knew it would be exspensive to run. Well I got her one for her birthday and we really like the machine... I don't agree with the 'cheap' comments I'm reading here, but I do hate how much it costs.The latte's are not good... it's the powdered milk, so we just use our own milk microwaved. If this experiment by starbucks is going to succeed, they will have to allow other companies to make pods and lower the cost of use or make it less exspensive. Otherwise the machine works good and makes a killer espresso shot.

Cindy Roberts

I love mine. I make white chocolate mochas daily and have never had any issues other than I usually put mine in the microwave for a bit to make it hotter. I live in rural west texas and the machine is great especially since we don't have Starbucks on every street corner. If I'm near a store I always stop in but more for the experience and to check out what's new. Love!!!!


I've gotta say I love my Verismo machine. I'm an avid Starbucks visitor and even have a gold card (just says I need to stop spending so much there)... I'm from a middle class family and with having little ones and teenagers at home.. I truly Need my starbucks. We figured I was spending $100 a month just getting coffee there so my husband finally just bought me the machine. Before the verismo I had to different generations of the Tassimo which I also loved, but when they lost the contract with Starbucks to keurig, I just couldn't get a great tasting latte anymore. (Starbucks espresso where always stronger tasting). I also don't mind the powered milk pod, mixed with the right espresso flavor you can't even tell the difference. I prefer the guatamala espresso. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that they will come out with soy milk pods, the soy makes any latte or Capachino so much more decadent... Like the pumpkin spice latte with soy! Omg a must try!!


I have had the machine for several months, but I just started using it daily within the past month. I am somewhat of a coffee junkie, as I own several different brewers--Keurig, Tassimo and Dolce Gusto. I really LOVE my Verismo because it makes a decent Latte that is not overly sweet. I think the Tassimo and Dolce Gusto machines make drinks that are too sweet for my taste. I have recently lost weight and am serious about getting healthier. I have at least one of the decaf Café Lattes daily, and I am in heaven! They are only 50-60 calories each, much lower in calories than lattes from any of my other units. Recently, I purchased a milk frother and can't wait to froth my almond milk and top a Verismo expresso. I don't understand the negativity, as the Verismo is a true keeper in my book!


I love my Verismo machine! No complaints, and I don't even use the milk pods since I'm vegan. My hubby does though, and I love making chai lattes for my mom when she comes over. I heat up a non dairy milk for my caffe and chai lattes. The coffees are great, too!

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