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December 01, 2012


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Jeff Tom

The store in my building is closed on weekends, so they were going ahead and doing Days 1 &2 yesterday, so loaded up on the Via.

Does anyone remember last year. I recall they did buy 1 / get 1 free of whole beans at some point before Christmas. Was it part of the 12 days or another promotion?

Jeff Tom

One more thing. All the news outlets reporting this are INCORRECTLY saying it is a free drink.

The deal, as emailed by Starbucks, is Buy any tumbler/mug and get $5 off your next purchase on starbucks.com


Was putting away product in my store the other day, and if I remember right, the 30 days of coffee tumbler is $30 this year. I was surprised it went up so much.

Starbucksgossip Webmaster

I'm guessing it was a huge loss-leader last year because of people like me who used the cup several times daily at multiple stores.

Barista Ben

Jeff the deal in stores is buy a mug get a free grande drink.


People abused the shit out of that mug last year! plus the 1 inch steamed milk is no charge and add syrup with a gold card... so many ghetto mistos.


Hmm, yeah the deal here (Canada) is get a pound of coffee, get a $5 gift card, not even close to free coffee for a month..

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