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December 05, 2012


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To be honest, I will be totally judging any customers who come in with this ...


Interesting and not surprising. People will spend anything to be part of the "limited edition" crowd. I mean please, the card costs $50!


I have to admit that I bought one of these and here's my reasoning:

1) I give one to two hundred dollars worth of Starbucks cards out every year. Even for people who probably wouldn't go there, unless they hate Starbucks it beats an Amazon gift card generally everyone I know already gets too many Amazon gift cards

2) I probably spend about a hundred dollars a year at Starbucks, maybe a little less but since the credit never expires and Starbucks isn't going away anytime soon that doesn't matter so I'll use it or gift it out eventually.

3) There is the exclusivity factor, anyone who says that the fact that they can walk into a store and hold out a card that only 4999 other people have isn't tempting is probably lying.

To each his or her own but I stopped and seriously thought about what else I'd spend $50 on if I bought myself a present for Christmas and couldn't think of anything better so call that sad if you want but this is my Christmas present to myself.

I'm in the 1% globally, as are all Americans but in the US I'm not wealthy by any means so calling this the card of the 1% couldn't be more wrong. Since you are in effect pre-paying for your next $400 of Starbucks purchases the real cost is only $50. Even if you call the immediate cost $450 (since many people don't have that much that they can spend on a whim), that's no more than a lot of people spend on Christmas gifts.


^^^ Yup. We're all judging you.

This is ridiculous. Just a way to make entitled people feel more entitled. Thanks, Starbucks.


And yet, all those who forked over $499 on the latest iPhone were just cool. If I had the money at my disposal, I would make the purchase. I can probably name three regulars at my store who would also make the purchase. Not because of the "entitlement factor" but because of the "exclusive factor". Sometimes we can be so hypocritical of people, and yet the one we should be judging is the one in the mirror.


You know what I gave myself for a Christmas present? I donated to a Humane Society that is caring for Sandy pets. Guess I should've just bought myself a metal card instead. Oh well. Guess I'll know for next year!


For an elitist status symbol it sure sold out quickly. I'm not sure exactly when it sold out because I wasn't stalking it and Gilt doesn't post that information but it is now 2:50pm EST and the cards went on Sale at 12:00pm EST.

Even if they just sold out and half were sold yesterday in the Starbucks members pre-sale, that's still 2500 cards in 170 minutes or almost 15 cards per minute every minute. It probably sold out earlier which is makes the rate even higher.


Maybe they're sold out because people are selling them on ebay now??

Status symbol my ass.


All we serve at Starbucks is coffee and judgement.


Starbucks really missed the mark by underestimating demand for this 'limited edition' card. HOWEVER- if they think they can now just come along and fulfill the pent up demand (obviously being expressed at gilt.com) by making MORE cards to meet this demand from a "WAITING LIST"!!!!!- then isn't this nothing more than a case of 'bait and switch'? Starbucks makes promises of a limited edition of 5000 cards, and then suddenly produces thousands more cards to meet demand, thereby diluting the 'prestige value' of the initial 5000 limited edition'? If I bought an exclusive 'limited edition' item, and then someone (anyone) suddenly made MORE available, I'd be first in line demanding my money back! "LIMITED" should be just that limited. Isn't that what being part of an elite group is all about?

Now, had Starbucks decided to offer this card, the way they had offered a previous issue (ICHIRO $10 gift card), by setting a time frame for ordering, and then closing the order period, and producing the number of cards to meet those advance prepaid orders. There was no waste. Demands for production were based on orders met. And few customers were disappointed. Unlike this situation which leaves a bad taste in many people's mouths. Not something a premier purveyor of fine coffee really should be doing.

The Man of Steel

This is a much bigger exercise in psycho-social-entitlement than we can all imagine. Here are a few other amazing details:

1.) The card sold out on gilt.com (guilt.com) in 5 SECONDS. Thats 1000 cards per second. On the 6th second I could almost hear the sad echoed screams reverberating from the gum-wood trimmed dens of Connecticut from here.

2.) Like Martha above said, there are 57 of these things on sale on Ebay right now, so there are people trying to make a profit, but here's the kicker... many of them have 10 or more bids for $900 or more with 2 days left in the auction. That's not the "buy now" price, that's people willing to pay more than twice what it is actually worth just FOR the status.


One of my twitter followers offered the opinion that the hyper-inflated prices on eBay *might* also be the result of attempts to launder money or turn compromised accounts into cash.


Why do any of you care? It's not your money. And, if you hate Starbucks and its "entitled" customers, don't go there.


Well, I for one care because I work at Starbucks and can't even make enough money to support myself comfortably let alone afford the beverages I spend 8 hours a day preparing. So understandably I get a little bitter when I see that some people can afford to burn $50 (which is at least a week of groceries to me) just for the status of a card and I know for a fact those people are unlikely to flick more than a booger into the tip jar.

Broyling Water

Baristaanon, you need to get off of this "I'm not paid what I'm worth" crap. I wore the green apron for 4 years, and once I realized that the company had changed in ways I wasn't comfortable with, I moved on. Of course you aren't going to make major money working at Starbucks, it's a gig that pays slightly above minimum wage. It's a job that in exchange for the schedule flexibility, and some of the benefits, you get paid crap.

It's a gig that should be looked at as a stepping stone to better things, I couldn't imagine having a career in retain sector of the company.

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