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December 26, 2012


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Jeff Tom

This is stupid. This is pointless.

Like the words on a cup are going to magically overcome the partisan issues, the lobbyist dollars, and the general incompetence of people in WDC.

Starbucks, I know it is hard, but try sticking just to coffee. I know it is something you have not bothered to do for many, many years, but maybe you should try it.

Steve Marks

I respectfully disagree with the above comment. While I don't think it directly addresses the fiscal cliff issues themselves, it does engage people in a direct way. As a parent, I'm always trying to help my kids not be victims/complainers, but to figure out something they can do to change the situation. So in that spirit, I appreciate Starbucks' example of figuring out something they can do.


I can't believe I agree with Jeff Tom. This is not our place to get involved in this sort of thing. It is extremely arrogant of Howard Schultz to publicly weigh in on the fiscal cliff negotiations. He should stick to worrying about his company.


i like it.


Another power trip by little Howie trying to raise his national profile. I think Gawker has the right idea on this one. http://gawker.com/5971267/dc+area-starbucks-employees-please-draw-dicks-on-your-customers-cups?tag=Fiscal+Cliff


Here's what would happen in most stores:

Customer: "Come together?" What's that mean?

Barista: It's about the fiscal cliff.

C: Oh? What about it?

B: Um, that we should come together.

C: Who should come together?

B: Everybody?

C: How so?

B: Um... by coming together?

C: And do what?

B: To fix the crisis?

C: What crisis?

B: The fiscal cliff?

C: What is the fiscal cliff anyway?

B: Uh... Tall vanilla latte at the bar!

Reality Check

Dear Starbucks,
That is the message that should be on your ****ing cups

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

The problem with Howard Schultz's initiative:

Read it here.


Another reason Starbucks does not get my business.
Force your views on others? STOP sticking up for what you believe is right and give in.


We all know what this is about. Coming to an agreement on the fiscal cliff will REQUIRE a tax cut for the upper class. Howie just doesn't want his taxes to go up. You want to fix America Mr. Schultz? Try a few simple things:

1. Pay your staff above minimum wage
2. Sell products that are made in America, not just a few token tumblers
3. Add some labor in to your stores, that would create more jobs and your staff is looking a little weary lately. They're running their asses off and never seem to stay above water.


Howard only cares about his bottom line. they might not stop by to get their morning coffee.

So the big question to Howard when is he planing on hiring back all the Technicians he laid off.
He stated as soon as Starbucks got back on their feet he would bring us back.

Thanks to Kate Sharky.. she screwed all the tech's out of a Job.. then she got the AX or moved to a different job.. Howard has to have his eye candy around.. she had a position in Sett. then they shipped her to Chgo. to hire her. her family was still in Sett the whole time she was hiding in Chgo.

Yes I HATE her very much...

"Howard stated; I will never fire the technications, for they are the backbone of the company."


He should have just had cups designed with "come together" already written on them, if it's so important to him. The baristas are going to get tired of writing "come together" on every cup for two days. What a waste of time. People aren't going to do it.

Grande Latte

Nobody in Chicago is doing it. We were just informed today that it was an expectation. All the managers I spoke with today said they won't make their partners do it. Howard's ego has really got the best of him this time. It's like he's saying "Don't you know who I think I am?"
Anyways, in one week I'm joining the long list of former Sbux employees. Starbucks has shown me the door, and I've seen the light.


Someone please tell Howard, that what made this company great is drifting away, we partners are being turned into robots . we are not machines, we cannot connect with customers with managers riding us about speed, Please.. I understand business is business, but customers feel the stressful environment, thank you..


Congrats are due to Grande Latte! Your life is about to get infinitely better. The grass IS greener on this side of the counter.

Grande Latte

Thanks for the congrats. First we were hawking cheap ugly bracelets to fund one of Howard's hobbies and now they want us to write political messages on cups. We are to do that while we engage customers, take their orders, try to get them to add on a pastry or sandwich, ask about their kids, make their change, answer questions about their gold card benefits, get their order ready and then say "thanks" with an insincere smile.
Message to Howard-"Write your own damn cups!"
There, I got that out. Now Uncle Howie you can take this job and shove it!


Grande, you forgot the part where we have to shove an expensive inferior "coffee" machine down people's throats while answering awkward questions. "Can I get refillable pods like I can use with my Keurig?" Err...no...but you're more than welcome to buy our limited selection of overpriced pods...."Why does the milk taste like chemical powder?" Uh...it's really the closest you can get to a Starbucks latte at home, promise...

Grande Latte

frapatte, sorry I forgot. I think I did post my less than favorable opinion on the Verismo in another thread. I'm an SM and I gave my freebie machine to my mother because she wanted to buy one. I figured I'd save her the cash. Besides, I love my Keurig machine. Mom's happy that she didn't shell out any money for it. She thinks it's a piece of crap.

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