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January 21, 2013


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I actually saw this on tv on Saturday and thought that it was hilarious!

These people need to get a life. So if the voice had been a "white person" this would have been okay?


Not at all racist. It didnt discuss race... There was only one white lady in the ad.


Agreed about the tastelessness of the "manager", but the earlier gag of getting the name and order wrong worked. Easily the funniest thing on an incredibly dull episode.


Hilarious! Good thing, that show has gotten so horrible.


Hilarious! I immediately sent the link to my sister who also loved it.


I took personal offense at the notion that there is disgusting junk littering the store. But in the name of humor, I suppose that it was an obvious jab. Humorous parody, though. Made me smile more than once.

Grande Latte

If you go to most of the downtown Chicago locations you'll see that this is more reality than parody.

Venti Urnex Latte

If only customers knew what we were saying about them behind their backs.

Barista Ben

I lost it at Shar Shar. That's pretty funny.


Everyone at my store thinks it's hilarious, even my SM. Loved it.

Steve Face

The joke about the messy counter including the Sugar in the Raw packet sitting in a puddle of (unrefrigerated cream) was SPOT ON


Hilarious!!! Really, they've could of done any voice of the sterotypical baristas, I don't get the racism controversy.


Yes, the "verismo" voice could have been some skater kid or valley girl, or anyone with a condescending tone. Funny skit.


I think they were poking fun at 'black names', and implying Verismo sounds like one.


I loved the video. I've shown it to all of my baristas.


I don't get the racism bit at all. Everyone I work with loves it and now when people don't give their names for cups, we write "amorfa" and "shar shar". I don't know if the general public finds this as funny as baristas do, but whatevs.


If they had just stuck to how Starbucks often gets names wrong, I would have been amused. But the voices and personalities made me very uncomfortable.


I work at a DC store - this is SPOT ON!

Venti Urnex Latte

Who will pay for those embroidered aprons? Turnover is so high that the cost will add up.

And what about laundry? It is easier to have a pile of fungible clean aprons than to have an apron needing to get delivered to one specific person.


It was nothing short of hilarious. One of the best fake commercials they've done.

Julicifer McJiggis

Love it. The filthy bar is right on the money. No racism at all. We blacks can have fun too. The machine name is black, after all.

Gage D.

Very funny! Sugar in the raw, smashed into a puddle of cream. Halarious!

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