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January 02, 2013


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Chicago red

Too bad the oatmeal is like chunky wallpaper paste. Starbucks replaced the instant oatmeal with large pieces that would normally be cooked. It wont soften with just hot water. its a chunky mess.Customers have already complained and will not buy it.You can add all the blueberries and agave syrup...you still have an inferior product.


Has anybody tried the cheesecake brownie?


I haven't tried it yet. Don't forget to let it sit for 5 minutes instead of 3!

Barista Ben

I like it.


Did you follow the directions and use steaming hot water? You also have to let it sit for 5 minutes. The old oatmeal would dissolve if you let it sink that long. This product is healthier and a lot closer to real oatmeal compared to that over processed crap we used to carry.


Yup, sounds like someone wasn't making the oatmeal right. I'm a huge fan of just making it for myself at home from my big tin of dry oats, but this steel-cut stuff is pretty good, definitely a lot better than that instant mush we were using before. Also quite a bit of that sugar is going to naturally come from the blueberries too, which is silly to freak out about unless you already have way too much sugar in your diet anyway (and if you do then you aren't going to give a damn about "omg 18 grams" in your oatmeal).


72 calories of sugar. My goodness gracious. Eat one bowl and they'll have to call the fire department to knock down a wall to get you out of Starbucks.


Also, make sure your hot water spigot stations are calibrated so that they are producing at right temp.

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

Herman, it's not a weight issue; it's a diabetes issue. I don't think you get it.


With all of the other syrups, sauces, and toppings at SBUX, I think that the sugar content from the agave would be the least of anyone's concerns.


"Herman, it's not a weight issue; it's a diabetes issue. I don't think you get it."

The first rule of anybody with an issue with certain foods is when in doubt don't.


I think Herman's original comment was re: the headline that made it look sensational that it had 18 grams of sugar (kinda surprised its that low). I feel for people with diabetes, but this is hardly the first fast food offering they have to avoid or the most egregious offender (McDonald's Fruit and Maple oatmeal has 32 grams...not to mention 90% of Starbucks offerings).


starbucks sells oatmeal. LOL

Miss Crunch

The new oatmeal is more expensive and less fiber and gets stuck in my teeth. Don't run out of my classic instant. Atleast it tastes rite.
The blueberries are so green I had to add both packs of syrup.


just be happy you get blueberries my region doesn't get any

Denese Eastin

I think the new oatmeal at Starbucks is atrocious. I don't care about the sugar contents of agave syrup. The blueberries in the new version are fine, but I would much rather have the nuts and dried fruits with brown sugar that were offered previously. I ordered this new one once and that will be it. It was not tasty.

Denese Eastin

I asked someone at Starbucks about the freshness of the pastry and they assured me that they are fresh every morning. Maybe they are fresh at some point in some morning in some place, but the pastries are obviously not fresh at the specific store. Why not spring for better products that are at least sealed so that the moisture can't be sucked out of them. Better yet, buy the pastries from an excellent local bakery.


Denese , having been a partner for 5 years I have noticed since they took the trans fats out, certain one dry out sooner, i know daily pastries come during the night. the reason we dont buy local is across the country a certain standard selection is what we strive for..


The new oatmeal tastes terrible. It's a mess of watery gruel. If I let it sit too long it gets cold. It's a bit troubling that Barista Ben refers to the old oatmeal as "over processed crap." And there I thought that Starbucks had us fooled with it's "perfect" oatmeal. I assume that when Starbucks dumps this new oatmeal, it will be replaced by something better. Then, this one can be referred to by Starbucks personnel as that "old tasteless gruel".

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