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January 04, 2013


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A barista at my store said sales were slow. I noted that the cups they were stocked with were grande cups, and my guess is that hardcore customers are more likely to want a venti cup.


we sold out the first day!


As a Starbucks customer and not a employee, I have no idea how they are selling. What I do know is that I love them. (1) they are great for when you want to drink coffee right away. It seems that all insulated travel mugs keep the coffee too hot to drink for at least 30 minutes. With these cups I can fill up at home and drink right away since it will cool down as normal. (2) If you buy these cups when you buy drinks for your co-workers, they are really impressed and assume you must have spent more the a $1 for the cup. Great way to make employees happy.


When I asked at my local store if customers were buying them, the barista answered with a dispassionate "Yeah." I waited for her to elaborate. E.g. to add that they'd sold "x number since noon!", or "everybody's interested!". But no, she added nothing. So I said, "Hmmm. Really?" She repeated, "Yeah."
To me, all you have to say is that they're plastic. And in my mind good people should try within reason to minimize plastic at every turn. That should be Starbucks's next pr move, a plastic minimization project.

Jeff Tom

Question? Are these new from a national rollout? They have been here in the Seattle market for several months now. I had just assumed they were everywhere.


I got one too I think I will use it but not as often as a good old tumbler that will keep my beverage hotter longer


@Jeff Tom: According to an article I read, they tested them there first.

Is every store keeping them in the back? I asked if they had any left, and the barista said they were in the back and then disappeared for 5 minutes trying to find one, I guess. It was a little odd. I also noticed I was the only one in the store who asked for one, and the place was packed. I'm in the Bay Area, and I figured my regular store would long be sold out.


"Boiling" water does not immediately kill the bacteria or break down/clean the slim in the bottom of the cup.


We sold out at my store. We sold all 50 that we got in.


Liberal fascism at its finest. HA-HA drink up you tools...while feeling like your doing some type of good! Consumer psychology is fascinating.


I stopped in our local Target Starbucks and walked around looking for them. I didn't see any.

It wasn't until I got to the counter, ordered, paid and looked down and there was the sign. The cups were kept behind the counter.


@gina yes it does. thats why your told to do it whenever there is some sort of problems with water processing plants. to kill all the things that make you sick.


We got 1 sleeve to sell and they were gone by the early afternoon. We didn't get any in this week's order.

Once again, Starbucks releases something that they don't have enough stock of. WTG.


This is probably the least stupid thing this company has ever done.

Yvonne Turiace

Have been to several Starbucks locations and I don't feel that are asking the customers or alot of the customers don't even know about them. They are not out so they are not promoting them properly at all! I bought 2 one for myself and 1 for my son. I've used mine and my son hasn't used it yet. However I have time to remember to bring it and also after I use it and finish the drink I rinse it right away or soak it with water and it's ready for the next day. I buy a drink daily sometimes if I'm out with family and friends I will drink more then one per day. YAT


My store is sold out!


My store is out as well, and I didn't even get a chance to snag my "free partner" one.


Got one for free at the Leadership conference. Use it every day! I think its good that they offered a cheaper alternative to $14.99 tumblers.


The reusable $1 cups are actually selling well. I think it's the price ,and the fact that you can recycle the cup once you're done with it, that attracts the customer to buy it. I worked today and many people came in and used it! The cup discount also helps :)


Our Starbucks is not even advertising them! You must ask for one, and they're not giving any information on their rusability. Appears to be poor marketing. Plus it was much cheaper than I expected. Still having to get a paper sleeve when using it does not seem to be promoting sustainability efforts to me, just getting extra $ from customers who wouldn't typically buy an expensive travel cup.


I usually go through the drive thru... how are these used when you order there? I would feel bad making the people behind me wait while they made my drink after I pulled up to the window... but how else could you use it in the drive thru?


I work at at a Starbucks in Charlotte, NC. Not only are they selling well, they are coming into the store for reuse on a regular basis. I made drinks at least 30 bar drinks into the reusable cups. I did not pay attention to the poured coffee.


Elby, it works just as well in the drive thru. The part that takes the longest for hot drinks is steaming the milk, and we don't have to wait for your cup for that. Shots dropping into your cup should be at 18-23 seconds, so it's not a big deal.



Get out and walk inside, as opposed to "making" people wait.


Every store here is sold out.



UMM pouring boiling water into a cut does not sanitize it...boiling water DOES kill the bacteria in the water....to sanitize the cup, you would have to immerse it in the boiling water for 1 min or more.

Michael Miller

I bought one shortly after they came out. I think they are a great idea. You can carry around the lid and reuse it at coffeehouses that have self-serve lids. I always try to reuse paper cups as many times as possible, but I dislike having to throw away so many lids. I am extremely pleases with the tumblers and not at all surprised that they are selling out.


I don't know how they are selling, but I figure if I stop in for coffee 1-2 times a month, I might as well get a reusable cup. This option is more budget-friendly than their other cups. Wish it came in a tall, though.

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