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January 15, 2013


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Venti Urnex Latte

I bet the shift supervisors will start demoting themselves and baristas will not want a promotion to supervisor.

The only benefit of the shift supervisor job was more pay. It is the worst position in the store -- responsibility with no authority.


I agree, it is barely worth the BS they are put through with the tips. Without the tips, it isn't worth it at all.

Barista Ben

I like how they refer to the shifts as "Starbucks Managers".

They should offer something. Maybe now that the barsita's are getting more in tips, cut their pay and give it to the shifts who are getting screwed out of tips they earn by some bogus lawsuit.

Or get rid of the tips all together for that area!


Is the new store structuring for all stores, or just for the MA stores to try and work around this ruling?

I've never worked for Starbucks, but have considered it. The job duties listed for the Shifts were just as Venti said: all the responsibility with no authority. And typical retail wages, of course. No thanks.


Yup... taking a demotion to barista from shift will now be a raise, and the hourly tips will be MORE now that Shift hours don't count! Starbucks is going to HAVE to raise the hourly pay for Shifts if they expect anyone to stay. Actually, if this does work out, I'd say it's a victory for the Unions... everybody wins and Starbucks pays.


I never knew tips were so important. I am a regular customer at my store and since I pay using my phone app, I never have cash on me. I see a lot of people paying that way so I wonder how much my baristas even get in tips? Hmm. I really love the people who work in my Starbucks, I guess I need to start tipping.


Awesome - lol the union had literally nothing to do with shifts not getting tips. It's only trying to make sure shifts don't get screwed completely now that they don't get tips.

Colorado Barista

Tip average around $1-$140/hr at my store. That being said- I have been there for over five years and just broke the $10/hr mark. We depend on tips . It can mean an extra $30 a week.

Guy Fawkes

The IWW does not represent me, and I don't know any Starbucks employee in MA that they do represent.

Remember the 6 Core Values?

@Coffeelvr - Thank you for your comment above. If you are making minimum wage plus tips, the tip portion can account for 20% of your salary... since the arrival of the phone app tips have decreased dramatically causing many baristas to quit... it;s just not worth the hassle any more. Thanks Starbucks.


If they're taking away the tips and treating the shift supervisors as managers, they need to be paid similarly.


5 years and just broke ten an hour?! Jeez I'm a 2 year shift making 12.50 in Chicago..


The new Square app, once properly developed, will allow customers using mobile pay to give tips with their phone. And then cashed out as a paid out I Imagine. Technology can be slow catching up to reality.


As a barista , I have no problem sharing my tips with the shifts we have , they are some of the hardest working under appreciated partners we have in the store, some of the lazy baristas on the other hand , don't deserve 10 % of what they get. While the work horses of the crew carry a lot of their dead weight all the time ,in my opinion..

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