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February 04, 2013


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Well she got one part right. She's whining. lol. All you can do is thank the good baristas and return your drink when it's wrong. (A "This is amazing" or "perfect!" once in a while def. make them feel a little better for making 8 or 9 bucks an hour). If a manager isn't competent enough to deal with drink quality issues, I would just steer clear of that location for good.


My personal theory, from making many, many, many drinks over the years, is that most customers who consistently complain of their drink being "wrong" just don't know what they want. If you want someone to read your one-in-a-million blog you might wanna put more detail and story behind "wah starbucks doesn't make mah drink right!"


I forgot, being a barista at Starbucks you are not allowed to make mistakes, silly me I didn't know perfection was in the job title. If you took the ratio of the amount of drinks peddled out to the amount of incorrect drinks one may be surprised at how large that number would be. I can't imagine someone who works in an office not to make mistakes or goof off, after all, they did make an entire show series about it.


The thing is, she has a point. Too many baristas in the stores either don't know or don't care about following proper drink recipes. I am a former Starbucks barista and know exactly what I am talking about. Since I am now a frequent customer I see all the things they do wrong behind the counter. After a while you give up the complaining. You either stop going to that location, walk back out when the wrong people are behind the counter or, in my case, just suck it up and live with the fact my drink is just similar but not the same every morning.


If you make hundreds of complicated drinks a week, and you are not a robot, you are statistically guaranteed to get a couple wrong. The woman who wrote this notices only the times they get it wrong (and acts like the times it is right are special miracles). I really dislike her. I'm sure she'd be a PERFECT barista and never, ever get a drink wrong. Or something. My eyes are tired from all the rolling.


I am an everyday, regular customer at my Starbucks. And while I love it there and it is my 'happy place', my drink varies on taste depending on who is making it. There are certain ones who make it exceptional and others, well, I really dont know what they are doing. It still is drinkable so I just take and leave it alone. I have complained a few times in the past and it is always addressed. But, to me, it happens rarely so I just leave it alone. I do however think they should be consistant and that you shouldn't have to guess if your drink will be right each morning.


With the inflated prices to begin with, the added syrup cost now (premium priced $1 or more add on charge just for some CDL syrup), and the close to 50% of drinks that arrived tasting "off" or full of foam when ordered no foam (i.e. wrong syrup in drink, gross sugar-free syrup put in accidentally, wrong sprinkles on top, coffee tasting off, etc,...). I rarely drink at Starbucks any longer. My order was normally an extra hot nonfat nofoam nowhip CDL to go, so it was not like I would even realize the error(s) until I got home or arrived at work.


^^Or you could just take the lid off and look...so lazy, get a life.


Maybe this is why you're single, Jessica- you bitch and moan about things you can do yourself. Don't like paying $5 for a hot chocolate? Find a box of Swiss Miss and stay home, bitch.


Wow. That wasn't even funny. She should stop writing or at least trying so hard. I laughed at the SNL skit, but reading her piece just made me want to punch her. Yes, your HoCho may be simple, but I have your order plus the next five in my head, 3 timers just went off and I have to brew coffee. And just because I am now pissy...you no foamers can suck it, especially soy, XH, no-foamers.


If only I could make customers understand that getting a Soy Extra Hot drink with no foam is nearly impossible unless I don't aerate the milk (gross). Oh, and foam will rise to the top if it sits because it was aerated...

News flash

Play book is coming. Baristas won't call drinks to each other anymore or call down the line. Instead register partners mark all drinks (store layouts are adjusted) and no calling down the line.

As much as this woman sounds like she likes to complain, she does have a partial point. Calling the drink multiple times allows for multiple points of error. I've always likened starbucks old methods to the world's longest experiment in the game of telephone; sometimes is works and sometimes it comes out totally different. She is dead wrong that the "reason" it's happening is because of side conversation. That's an oversimplification and its demeaning.


You will be glad to hear the new policy at all stores is to mark all drinks and get customer's name on the cup when it is ordered


bet you she's a "is this mine?" customer. picking up every drink and asking, but when she's on the phone she doesn't ask. or she expects her drink known at all stores, not just the one she frequents daily. so she just says I need a mocha.


My hunch is that there's a bit of the Carl Sagan "we remember the hits and forget the misses" phenomenon going on here. It's relatively rare that my drink order is messed up, but I do remember the times when it is.

That said, my lovely wife and I were visiting Chicago last Thanksgiving and drove through a Starbucks in the suburbs. She ordered a grande skinny mocha. When we had paid at the window, and she was handed her drink, it was a grande peppermint mocha. She returned the drink to have it remade. The barista at the window seemed perplexed: "You don't like peppermint mochas?" "No," my wife replied. "I actually find all the holiday drinks really gross." (She does, too -- eggnog, peppermint, gingerbread are absolutely not her things.) As we waited for her drink to be remade, the barista then made the clumsiest attempt to make up for a mistake I think I've ever seen. "I'm sorry for the wait," she said. "Here's a coupon. If you get it punched (some number) of times with purchases of one of our holiday drinks, you can get another for free." Wait, what? My wife just told you she finds them all repulsive!


I have been saying for years that drink calling is one of the dumbest, most inefficient, most error inducing ideas that the big brains in Seattle ever came up with!


Try putting up with ignorant people who think they are royalty just because they can afford an overpriced cup of diabetes. It's like they expect you to bow down and kiss their feet. When the customers less rude, maybe just maybe I'll be able to not hate all of humanity

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