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February 25, 2013


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Pike is here to stay, like I told you

There are no Starbucks in Norway. And I doubt there is more than 1-2 in Sweden

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

Wrong. SBUX opened a store in Norway last year.



Why does it matter how many Starbucks there are in Sweden? Why is your comment relevant to this topic? I just don't understand why you would post that...

Pike is here to stay, like I told you

Really? So if you have 1-5 stores of a major brand in your whole country, it doesn't surprise you that one can get away with charging a premium prices? Granted, food and groceries are really expensive in Norway and Denmark, inpaticular anyway..

Pike is here to stay, like I told you

And there are no indications that there are more than 1 store in Norway that one is at the airport just like in Sweden and in the Netherlands).

Airman Larson

Norway has the highest standard of living on the planet, meaning that there is more disposable income per capita.
It's just business as usual. On or off American shores, it's what makes the stock go up.


There is or was only one SB in Norway and it's in the airport in Oslo, so its customers are travelers, not just Norwegians, who are doing very well and can afford SB. Norway, Oslo especially, is phenomenally expensive and add to it a weak dollar, which compounds the appearance of a $10 latte.


Correction: 2 in Norway now, one in a mall: http://mobil.rb.no/naringsliv/article6569859.ece

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