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February 14, 2013


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Is it drinkable?

One would think it isn't a world record until the buyer has consumed the last drop. It is something akin to the 40 oz steak if you finish in an hour it is on the house else you pay for it.


I guess I can break the record and ask for the same thing, and just add one more shot. I have one free drink coming to me on my gold card. I guess I know what I'm going to order!! :)

just saying

How can you have 48 shots (ounces) in a cup that only holds 24?
(26oz technically)

just another partner

that is actually more than one drink, so it shouldn't count. when you make a frappucinno, the total liquid only goes to the bottom (or second) line, his 48 shots alone would fill TWO entire iced venti cups... since they are 24 ounces each. so yeah, i could make a $400 drink if i added 600 shots to it too. lol.

it is not the most expensive drink, it is about 10 drinks put together into the blender and then put in one huge cup (not even a starbucks cup), so no, it does not beat any record in my opinion.


I don't know if this is a dumb question, but if it's what fits in one cup (as it should be), why are people allowed to order that much?


I totally agree with "Just another partner" -- this isn’t a real drink. This is what i call a "Starbucks Troll" trying to get our goat. Grow up and just order a real drink that tastes moderately good.


We don't see the bottom of the receipt. This was partners doing a crazy partner beverage.

Stupid with a capital "T"

This is stupid with a capital "T"...

SPOILER ALERT here is my theory on the most expensive drink recipe: The most expensive item we sell per ounce is... espresso. The largest cup we have is the Trenta (around 31 ounces). So your most expensive drink recipe is simply 31 shots of espresso... not very interesting or sexy. So if you don't use ice and allow the shots to cool enough so they don't warp the plastic, I would ring in a doppio ($1.95 for 2 shots) then add 29 shots at $.75 each which would only be about $23.70 plus tax. Enjoy, and no, I won't give you 20 empty short cups for you and your 19 friends to make fake lattes at the condiment bar.

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